Amanda meets her goals

Amanda has always loved her pet dogs, but wasn’t able to spend quality time with them until she got her Magic Mobility powerchair. She used to get stuck inside, and had become isolated from her friends in the outside world.

When Amanda first met with the Magic Mobility team, she says it was the first time she felt listened to. She was able to talk about what she wanted in her perfect powerchair, instead of being told what she needed by someone else.

Amanda first found out about Magic Mobility through the internet, and soon had her heart set on a Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Hybrid.

Watch Amanda’s video.

Her house has a steep gravel driveway that her old wheelchair just couldn’t go up.

“In my old wheelchair I couldn’t get out of the house, let alone go up the driveway,” Amanda says. “My wheels would just spin in the gravel.”

“The only time I could leave the house was with ambulance drivers or with a maxi cab.”

Amanda says she was desperate to meet with Magic Mobility in the hope that she would find a powerchair that would take her where she wanted to go.

“I saw an advertisement showing a gentleman in a Magic Mobility powerchair on terrain that I could never have dreamed of going on.”

Her previous experiences in finding a new wheelchair were of being told ‘this is the wheelchair, this is what it does, and it’s what you can have’.

This was her first experience of being asked where she wanted to go, what she wanted to do, and how comfortable her previous chair had been.

Now Amanda’s able to spend more time with her beloved dogs, and train her new puppy, and be more active outdoors.

“I spend a lot of time playing with my dogs,” Amanda says. “I love going to all of the social events that the dog club has, especially their walks.”

Now that Amanda is able to get outside independently, she’s much more social. She catches up with friends and other like-minded people, and finds that she meets new people through her dog club too.

“I’ve gone from having a life of six years of nothing in terms of face-to-face communication to now being able to also catch up with my girlfriends from high school,” Amanda says. “And now I’m looking at getting back into some of the sports I used to love to do.”

For Amanda, the secret to her wheelchair is its customisation.

“The Magic Mobility team helped find and put on anything that I wanted on the chair that would meet my needs and make my day a lot easier.” This included a simple hook to attach a lead for walking her dogs.

Amanda’s new powerchair has Hybrid wheels so that she can get out of the house and up her driveway. She has been able to go out on grass, dirt, and even some sand. If Amanda decides she wants more off-road capabilities, her tyres can be swapped to 14” knobby tyres for all-terrain capacity.

She can alleviate pain in her legs by adjusting their position as necessary with her power legrest.

Amanda has also been impressed by the battery life of her powerchair, which is far longer than any of her previous wheelchairs.

“The feature I like best is the power lift,” Amanda says. “I now no longer have to ask people for help in the supermarket, my chair actually goes up so that I can reach things on the top shelf by myself.”

Amanda used to see all her friends being active outside, while she was stuck inside. Now she can get out and join them.

“My Frontier V6 has given me a sense of independence.”

Do you need custom solutions tailored to your needs? Contact us to find a dealer in your local area. If you’re in North America, contact Innovation in Motion to trial a Magic Mobility powerchair near you.

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