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It’s All About Amanda

Finding your comfort zone is very personal. At Magic Mobility we design for needs to make sure you’re comfortable, regardless of what you want to do.

And nothing is more personal than getting your footplates right.

We all know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in the lower legs. Footplates, which generally support 30% of a user’s weight, are essential to help with good posture and keeping the blood flowing. When you don’t have control over your legs, a footplate is essential to manage pain in other areas.

Amanda can now travel more locations, more comfortably

Magic Mobility has a range of different footplates to suit you – whether it’s a single piece, or two separate ones. We’ve got plates that flip and move or can be angle adjusted. We’ve also got articulating ones that work like a dream with our transfer tilt.

It is possible to purchase footplates directly off the shelf, but sometimes you need a little more in terms of structure. Magic Mobility wheelchair user Amanda Weeks knows all about getting the footplate right.

After listening to Amanda’s needs it was clear that an off the shelf footplate wasn’t going to cut it. For Amanda to be comfortable she required minimum pressure, but maximum support for her feet. The solution was to create a box-like shaped footpate that acted like a protective cradle. During each fitting the concept evolved and different padded materials were considered and tested. In the end different comfort layers were agreed including 1 inch deep high-density foam with 3 inch low-resistance foam overlay. A two inch scallop section was then cut into the foam to softly cradle Amanda’s feet and minimise any pressure.

“It was the first time that I had ever been listened to in terms of what I wanted or what I needed on a wheelchair and why I needed it,” said Amanda. Amanda wanted to explore the outdoors, walk her dog and be more active, but she needed the right type of foot support.

Amanda can effortlessly walk her dogs thanks to Magic Mobility

“Magic Mobility told me that they could do things to my chair and put things on my wheelchair that would help me,” she said. “And they specifically asked me about my comfort particularly, about my feet.”

“I’m often in the hospital and sitting in the same place, and it can be quite painful on my legs. One of my favourite features on my chair is that I can move my feet up and down now on the plates.”



Take a look how Amanda’s customised footplates make all the difference.

Do you need something designed to help support your feet? Get in touch!

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