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Storage tricks for Aussies

The armrest storage box open and closed

The armrest storage box open and closed.

Introducing our latest innovation – the Underarm Storage Box. This little beauty is the latest in our storage and travel range to help you travel further with the stuff you need. Please note, this innovation will soon be available, and to Australian customers only.

We all know that carrying gear can be one of the biggest hassles when you want to get places. And when you’re in a powerchair, we also know your friends and family are keen for your batteries and wheels to carry their stuff too! We’ve become experts in finding the best places to store equipment on your powerchair, without interfering with your use of it.

Introducing the Underarm Storage Box. Flexible enough to work on either your right or left-hand armrest, this functional little space is perfect for those hidden necessities. And it’s almost directly at your fingertips, making it so easy to access.

Think keys, credit cards and phone, this is the box for you.

Cleverly designed to work with the other accessories you might have installed on your chair; this little box of delight swings up and around the armrest to allow easy access, and there’s a Velcro handle to add to the convenience.

Our engineers developed this secret storage space after listening to the needs of our users. Puzzling over where and how to make a space that is personal to a powerchair user, this clever little storage box has been designed just for you.

The nifty underarm storage!

The nifty underarm storage.

What other kinds of storage do we have?

Magic Mobility luggage rack

Space for all the goods.

Every powerchair user knows that their Magic Mobility chair is a complete workhorse! This means we need to make sure there is a space for everything you might need to carry.

Manufactured at the Magic Mobility factory in Melbourne, Australia, accessory bags are the ideal solution for holding important items like laptops, iPads, notebooks and more. They are available in A5 and A4 sizes, and can be positioned on either side of your chair for ease of access. Want to order one?

Then there’s our luggage racks, which are useful for carrying larger items such as boxes and heavier bags. Items do need to be strapped down when you’re travelling. These luggage racks can be fitted on to the Magic 360, the Extreme X8 and V6 models. There are slightly different sizes dependent upon the powerchair you use, but they are roughly 34cm x 25cm.

Luggage racks are perfect for people like Timothy Steinbrink in the US who raves about his Frontier V6 saying that being in one simply gives him more energy and independence.

“Suddenly my world became bigger and my perspective became broader.”

Timothy Steinbrink in his Magic Mobility V6

Timothy Steinbrink in his Magic Mobility V6.

“There’s more places in the world that need to be seen without sidewalks,” he says of his V6.

For Timothy, getting off the beaten path is crucial to his wellbeing. We design upgrades such as the luggage racks for people like him who want to sample the world the way abled people can.

“For so long you thought you could never do something and suddenly now you can do that because the assistive technology has been created for you.”

Want to live a more independent future? Maybe ordering a luggage rack might just help you do that little bit extra you’ve always wanted to do.

And here’s a glimpse of Timothy tackling the world the best way he knows how!


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