Getting Outdoors is Therapeutic

Evidence is mounting that time spent outdoors, getting into nature, can have the same therapeutic benefits as expensive drugs or counselling.

Watch Tom’s video where he explains that with outdoor access “you don’t feel like your dying, you feel like you’re still living”‘.

Lots of people tell Views from the Chair that their ability to enjoy nature in an indoor/outdoor wheelchair is important to their health and wellbeing. But wheelchair funders often dismiss outdoor recreation as an unnecessary luxury. Now science is proving that getting into nature can be vital for good health.

Kaiser Permanente is an integrated managed care consortium in the US, always looking for more cost-effective alternatives that deliver better outcomes. After reviewing the latest evidence about outdoor therapies, Vice President of Total Health Partnerships, Tyler Norris, summed it up as follows:

“If we could package the outdoors and call it a pharmaceutical, it would be sold widely.”

For people with full mobility the implication is to offer discounts or give subsidies for getting out into nature. For people who rely on powered wheelchairs to get around, the implication is that higher costs of quality indoor/outdoor powerchairs may well be justified by a long term therapeutic value as a means to get outdoors and get into life.

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Would you participate in a study about your experiences of indoor-outdoor accessibility?

Are you deprived of the opportunity to pursue meaningful occupations because you’re trapped indoors? Have you come out the other side thanks to improved indoor-outdoor mobility? If so, we’d encourage you to register your interest here to participate in a further case study to support this Views from the Chair initiative.

  • ThomasJefferson

    …higher cost of quality indoor’outdoor power wheel chairs may well be justiied….. The higher cost of outdoor wheel chairs may be justifiable to the manufacturer, but practically guarantees that most of us disabled will never have one. I have tried to purchase the wheels from these folks to construct my own, (I have everything else) and was totally ignored.

    • KathyB

      Hi Thomas. Thanks for your feedback. Ultimately Magic Mobility want to ensure that the cost benefits of indoor outdoor wheelchairs are fully appreciated and funded by the funding bodies, including governments.There is much upside by funding the right indoor outdoor wheelchair that enables people to get on with their lives whether that be getting back to work, looking after their mental health, caring for their families, relying less on carers and so on. To this end Magic Mobility have sponsored Views from the Chair. It’s purpose is to help enable wheelchair users, their families, prescribing therapists and providers to work together to get public funding for high-end, all terrain powerchairs. Here’s a link to the Facebook page if you would like to take a look
      Regarding your request to purchase wheels to construct your own, can you please tell us who you have contacted? Best regards,