What’s New? Mobility Handles – a step-up in attendant control

Our engineers have been hard at work designing the Mobility Handles, an innovative and intuitive attendant wheelchair controller. The next level in powerchair attendant control, Mobility Handles make navigation and control of the wheelchair easier for those guiding it.

The Mobility Handles have been designed to give powerchair users and attendants the confidence to go further in their chair. Engineered to have an instinctual response to the attendant’s movements, the Mobility Handles effortlessly match the user’s speed and change in direction.

The Mobility Handles follow your natural movements, resulting in a smoother ride for the wheelchair user.

In addition to making the journey more comfortable, the Mobility Handles are also a safer option for users and carers.

After extensive research and design, the Mobility Handles were trialled in Australia and New Zealand, with excellent response from attendants, therapists and carers.

LED safety fins for easy driving and stopping

“I love how easy it makes driving the powerchair, automatically matching your pace,” said Jo, a carer who trialled the new technology. “They make steering more accurate, which was particularly noticeable around the house.

“They’re also safer, allowing you to stop quickly if you need to.”

Developed to enable the disabled community to travel further, Mobility Handles take the occupational health and wellbeing of users and carers into consideration.

Tight turns and movements are a step up from traditional joystick operation. Carers no longer have to tolerate jerky responses and stop-start operation, which can result in injury to the user or damage to the surrounding environment.

The Mobility Handles can also be used with one hand, allowing the attendant or carer to walk alongside the user. As they will intuitively match a carer’s movements, the new controllers conserve energy and enable the attendant and powerchair user to go further and do more in their day.

Available to order in Australia from March this year, Mobility Handles can be retrofitted to all power wheelchairs with R-net electronics.

Are you interested in trialling Magic Mobility’s Mobility Handles? Contact us today to find an agent in your area.

You can also visit us at the ATSA Independent Living Expo (Melbourne) in May, to see and trial the Mobility Handles in person.