What’s New? The Single-Switch Scanner

Our engineers have created a market-leading specialty control called the Single-Switch Scanner, which is designed to give users who have limited hand movement greater control over their wheelchair.

Designed in collaboration with Motor Neuron Disease (MND) Victoria and therapists at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem, the Single-Switch Scanner auto scans through directional and power functions so you can decide on your next move with the flick of a finger, nudge of a head or tap of a knee.

Rapid changes in wheelchair control technology have rendered many commercial scanners obsolete. Magic Mobility’s engineers have worked to address users’ unmet needs by creating an easy-to-use solution for those with limited hand control and movement.

The Single-Switch Scanner can be fitted to any Magic Mobility powerchair with compatible R-net electronics.

It works by auto scanning through your pre-programmed directional and power functions. These include forward, backward, left, right, tilt, recline and so forth – so you can independently decide on your next move.

The innovation offers users superior navigation control and the ability to get into tight places.

It’s all about giving users greater freedom over where they want to go and what they want to do next.

“This collaboration has led to a wonderful product that will enhance the lives of many power wheelchair users,” said a Calvary Health Care Bethlehem therapist. “We loved working with (Magic Mobility Engineer) Brendon. It was a very rewarding process.”

Are you interested in trialing a Single-Switch Scanner or conducting a therapist demonstration today? Contact us to trial now.