This page contains some typical information that an airline needs to know to allow safe travel with your electric wheelchair. Please note that this advice is general in nature, different airlines in different countries may have differing regulations and requirements.

Please click here to download a printable instruction page that will help ensure the airline will know how to prepare and look after your wheelchair

It is always best to contact the airline first, before attempting to board a flight with your wheelchair.

Mobility Aid Weight:

The weight of varies greatly with the options fitted. On average a wheelchair with 73Ahr batteries weighs 150kg on average.

Battery Type:

We use Geltech batteries. These batteries are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and IATA approved, allowing safe transportation on aircraft, buses and trains.

Does your battery require disconnection?

You are wise to check with the carrier, disconnecting the lead from the joystick disables the wheelchair.

Some airlines insist on disconnecting wheelchair batteries, but it is not necessary and not recommended by an unauthorised operator. It can cause damage to your wiring and may impact your ability to drive the chair if it is incorrectly rewired at your destination.

You can isolate the controller from the batteries by pulling out the lead from the joystick. In order to do this you will need a small Philips head screwdriver and perhaps some electric tape to protect the connector during transit.

Are there any special instructions that are important for us to know to take care of your mobility aid?

There are no special instructions, but we would urge you to insist that the airline does not disconnect any wires/leads other than the joystick, as reconnection by someone unqualified could lead to a very bad start to your journey.

Air Travel with a Power Wheelchair offers some handy resources for those considering air travel with a wheelchair.

For information on travelling with a wheelchair, please consult the accessibility information relevant to the airline you will be flying with.

We have listed some common airlines below, but our list is not comprehensive.


Virgin Australia


American Airlines

British Airways