Mobility Handles - the intuitive wheelchair controller

Our latest innovation! Flexible application for all powered wheelchairs with R-net controls, with wide appeal for carers, therapists and staff.  A smoother ride and greater control.

The Mobility Handles provide a state of the art wheelchair control system.  They follow your natural movement and allow you to provide the wheelchair user a comfortable and safe journey.  The fluid motion of the chair moves in harmony with the attendant, making navigation easy and control effortless.

Tight turns and movements are radically improved compared to traditional joystick operation.  No longer does a user have to tolerate jerky responses and stop-start operation.

The Mobility Handles provide:

  • Instinctual response to the speed of the attendant’s step
  • No need for excess efforts when pushing or reversing
  • Easy to learn to use
  • Greater control, keeping the user safe and minimising damage to the chair and its surrounds
  • Single-handed operation, giving attendant’s greater connection to the user
  • Retrofittable to all powered wheelchairs with R-Net electronics

Orders open 1 March, 2018!  Please contact us to discuss your needs with one of our wheelchair specialists or agents. To download  a Mobility Handles brochure click here.