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Magic Mobility


Your world has been reinvented.Go where you never thought possible
with the Magic Mobility range of


It's time to take back your terrain.
EMBRACE your freedom.

We have a wide range of all-terrain powerchairs for the explorer, the
adventurous spirit and the pioneer.

There is a Magic Mobility powerchair near you, just waiting for you to trial.


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"I was in a motorcycle and car accident in 2006 which
left me with a spinal cord injury. I can no longer walk.
But thanks to the X8 I am still able to go hunting and
fishing, as well as many of the fun things I used to do
prior to my injury. I can go winter trap shooting in the
snow every January through March, because my X8 gets
me out even in the snow. I have taken my X8 to Mexico
and tooled all around the little town of Los Barriles and
met many of the locals and made great friends. I took it
all over the beach and went fishing anywhere I wanted
to. Also took it to Canada and used it the same way in
the little town of Ucluelet. People always ask me about
my chair. It is so much fun to be independent and free
of obstacles." - Thomas Grieb, Spokane, Washington

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