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Magic Mobility


Magic Mobility has the perfect personal
ALL-TERRAIN POWERCHAIR to keep you mobile,
and continuing to meet the challenges
you always have met.
Work our vehicles as hard as you work yourself.


It's time to take back your terrain.
EMBRACE your freedom.

Don't let your hobbies and interests pass you by.
Get outdoors, and let Magic Mobility chairs give you back control.

There is a Magic Mobility chair near you, just waiting for you to trial.


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"I'm a veteran and I live in central Texas. I have always been an outdoors
kinda guy. I still am. My past hobbies were racing heavyweight super bikes on
the road race circuit in Texas and Mexico. I've always liked hunting and camping.
My Magic Mobility vehicle gives me reliability and dependability, range, power
and versatility. It meets and exceeds my expectations. I've put many miles and
hours on it in the almost 4 years. I take care of it but I admit that I am hard on
equipment. The Magic has never once broken down on me or let me down.
I have confidence when I leave out on my daily excursions.
It has always gotten me home. That's important." - Gary Hays, Killeen, Texas

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