Company Story

Company Story

Magic Mobility has proud Australian made heritage dating back to 1994. This heritage speaks to our passion for outdoors, adventure and rugged design.

Newspaper article about hiring someone to make prosthetics

A young Ashley Daff was given this newspaper cutting by his grandmother in the early 1990s. Ash took a year out during his prosthetics and orthotics degree to work for a well known wheelchair manufacturer called Sibbings. He soon gained popularity among therapists due to his problem-solving ideas and discovery techniques with end users. He was keen to ensure clients had both explored and understood all the possibilities of what aspirations a well scripted wheelchair can help a person achieve in life!

Sibbings went through some hard times and in 1994, which lead Ashley to start Magic Mobility with a small group of associates. They took their first wheelchair order before they had even officially opened!

Collaborating with the inventor of a patented steering system, they brought the first 4WD wheelchair to the market – known as the ‘Extreme Force’. This 4WD Extreme wheelchair began gaining a global reputation for performance, robustness and quality. Australian sales were focussed on daily living and improving the lives of disabled users by customising wheelchair options to empower independent living, social activities and ultimately provide end users with a tool to live their best lives.

It was in 2005 that Magic Mobility really started to scale up. The past 15 years have been a journey to define our DNA so that our culture can be magnified to attract new employees who are aligned to our values and purpose.

Our company culture is not something necessarily written down, but is delivered in the quality of our product and is felt from the moment a client, visitor or employee walks through our doors.

Our company was acquired by Sunrise Medical in 2018, but we maintain and nurture our identity as Australian made, recently earning our Australian made accreditation. Nearly 30 years on and one of our original founders, Ashley, is still working as our Head of Research and Development, and with the same heart and love for the industry as 30 years ago.

Electric wheelchair with Australian Made tag attachedAustralia remains the home of our brand with a full engineering team dedicated to designing our wheelchair products for global consumption. Our headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, has full sales, service, design, manufacturing and assembly facilities to service the AU market and  beyond.

With our growth over the years, our site in Melbourne has expanded rapidly. We continue to welcome end users through our doors each day for wheelchair fittings, servicing and modifications. Meeting end users and their families remains a vital part of our innovation process and provides an opportunity for all our employees to see how vitally important these life-changing wheelchairs are to our customers and their families.

Our Melbourne site employs approx. 80 highly skilled workers and supports many jobs in Victoria in local supply chain and retail businesses associated with supplying or selling wheelchairs and their parts.

In addition to increasing our Australian footprint, we are delighted to serve our global markets with the expansion of operational hubs located in Malsch, Germany and Nashville, Tennessee, so that personalised final build configurations can be assembled as close to the customer as possible. We are proud to see our brand values penetrate into a global culture for wheelchair excellence!

If you would like to learn more about our wheelchairs or book a demonstration, please make an appointment to attend our Melbourne showroom by completing the form on our contact page.