Electric Wheelchair Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About Magic Mobility wheelchairs
Where are Magic Mobility wheelchairs made?

Magic Mobility has proud Australian made heritage since 1994. The heritage speaks to the passion for outdoors, adventure and rugged design. The company is owned by Sunrise Medical but maintains and nurtures its identity as Australian made, earning the Australian made accreditation.

Australia remains the home of the brand with a full design team dedicated to designing our wheelchair products for global consumption. Our headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, has full sales, service, design, manufacturing and assembly facilities to service the AU market and beyond.
Our site in Melbourne hand builds wheelchairs employing approx. 80 highly skilled workers and supports many jobs in Victoria in local supply chain and retail businesses associated with supplying or selling wheelchairs and their parts.

Over the years, we are delighted to serve our regional markets with the expansion of operational hubs located in Malsch, Germany and Nashville, Tennessee, so that final personalised build configurations can be assembled as close to the customer as possible.


I would like some more information on Magic Mobility wheelchairs, what should I do?

Please contact your local dealer or contact us for further information.

Getting help with your wheelchair in Australia
Emergency assistance

If you require emergency services, please call 000.

If you require emergency repairs, please visit the NDIS Urgent AT repairs or contact Magic Mobility via our Contact Us webpage.


Can I get roadside assistance?

Yes, many Australian Automobile Associations, offer roadside assistance for your wheelchair.

Please contact the most suitable Automobile Association for you.

Is it easy to get any spare parts and repairs?

Yes, we have a comprehensive stock of spare parts for recent and current Magic Mobility models and many of our dealers carry stocks of spare parts.  In the case your wheelchair model is no longer current, or a part is obsolete, we will do our best to make you a suitable replacement part.


Does Magic Mobility complete repairs and services for Magic Mobility wheelchairs?

Yes, we repair and service all models of Magic Mobility wheelchairs at our manufacturing site in Melbourne.


What can I do if I need my Magic Mobility wheelchair upgraded or modified due to changes in my needs?

We revise your wheelchair and complete the upgrades you need at our manufacturing site in Melbourne.

Our dealer network and authorised agents can also provide repairs and services and undertake some upgrades.

At what age can I drive a powered wheelchair?

We provide wheelchairs for all age groups. Our youngest wheelchair user was two and a half years old when they received their first powered wheelchair.

What is the range (how far will it go) of Magic Mobility wheelchairs?

The range of our models differs depending on usage and build factors including the battery option selected, weather, frequent stops/starts or long straight drives. Different terrains will also have an impact on power consumption. Our advice is to familiarise yourself during your daily routine and read the battery section in the owner’s manual.

How long will the batteries last?

Generally, with proper care, all the batteries we supply can last up to 3 years for normal or moderate wheelchair users. For heavy users who drive long distances or on challenging terrain each day, all the batteries we supply may last up to 2 years. Please see the owner’s manual for further details on batteries and battery care.

How fast will a Magic Mobility wheelchair go?

In Australia all Magic Mobility wheelchairs are designed to be operated up to the Australian legal limit of 10kph.


Can it go faster? What is the maximum speed?

In Australia all Magic Mobility wheelchairs are designed to be operated up the Australian legal limit of 10kph. Any modification to a Magic Mobility wheelchair’s maximum speed will result in voiding the warranty.


I have a lift on my wheelchair, will the wheelchair go slower when my seat is raised?

Magic Mobility wheelchairs are designed to restrict the maximum speed when the seat is raised.

Can your electric wheelchair be driven through water?

No, due to the electric motors and electronics they cannot be driven through water.

What tyre pressure should I be using off-road?

Lower tyre pressures provide more traction in mud, sand, and snow. For use on firmer surfaces, tyre pressures may be increased depending upon the weight of the user, their preferences and driving capability. The range of the wheelchair improves with firmer tyres. Please refer to your owner’s manual for further information.


My local mechanic thinks my tyres should be harder so I can move easily from on to off-road.

Tyre pressures should be adjusted according to the terrain you are driving on and there is no such thing as the right tyre pressure for either on or off-road. When on pavements, a higher tyre pressure is better as the chair will get improved range, and similar comfort. If the tyre pressure is too high for off-road it may cause damage to the steering, bearings, and the off-road capability will be significantly reduced. If possible, set the pressure according to the conditions and before you go off-road, let the tyres down. This way you won’t cause any harm if you drive it on the road until you reinflate the tyres. We strongly recommend you refer to the owner’s manual and don’t exceed the pressure ratings in the graphs.

How can I reduce tyre marks?

There are a few things you can try to alleviate the problem. The easiest is to put a little more air in the tyres: there is a chart in the owner’s manual that could help. Anytime a tyre breaks traction, it skids and most black or grey tyres will leave a mark. If possible, watch one of the wheels as you turn, which you may be able to do without skidding the tyres. You may need to change your driving style slightly, however if this is still unsuccessful the program can be changed, but you may find the chair less responsive.

Caring for your wheelchair

All wheelchairs benefit from the right care. Protecting your wheelchair against the elements while at home is usually straightforward, however when using your wheelchair on the beach, extra measures must be taken to minimise damage.

A high-pressure cleaner is not recommended. Any surface which has been in contact with salt or salt water should be wiped down and dried as soon as possible to minimise damage.

Any wheelchair used outdoors will be prone to rust due to the typical outdoor conditions in which they are used. Beach driving is one of the worst terrains because salt accelerates the rusting process.  Almost all Magic Mobility ferrous components are protected with a form of rust protection, however damaging this protection may affect the life of the wheelchair.

Despite this, it is recommended that the wheelchair’s moving parts are regularly oiled and cleaned with a suitable lubricant like WD40 Multipurpose.

Raise the seat elevator and liberally spray the mechanism. Also, spray underneath the body work of the Extreme X8, paying special attention to moving parts such as axles and castor bolts.

Weight limits

All standard Magic Mobility wheelchairs registered as medical devices are rated and tested, including crash tested up to certain weight limits. Please refer to the owner’s manual for further information.

Special adaptions

If you have specific wheelchair requirements, you may be able to apply for a ‘Designed for Me’ wheelchair. Please contact us for further information.

Are there accessories available to enhance the wheelchair just like adding things to a car?

Yes, you can add lights, indicators, cup holders, phone interfaces, tables, luggage racks, storage accessories, sunshades – almost anything you can imagine. Refer to our website to see our range of upgrades.

Is a tilting forward mechanism available on Magic Mobility wheelchairs?

Yes, the Transfer Tilt underseat option with anterior tilt, allows the front of the seat to tilt forward, enabling the wheelchair user to step in more easily and out of the wheelchair independently. The transfer tilt can be fitted to Frontier V6 mid wheel drive and Frontier V4 front wheel drive wheelchairs fitted with lift and tilt or tilt only options. Please note that transfer tilt is not available in conjunction with the retractable docking pin or as an option on the Extreme X8 or Magic 360.

Please contact us for further information.

Can the lift actuator raise the seat more quickly?

No, the speed is set for the safety of the wheelchair user and everyone around them.

Could there be a cover over the seat elevator mechanism?

No, this is not part of our approved design.

Does Magic Mobility supply docking systems for its wheelchairs?

Magic Mobility has solutions that we supply and fit to our current models of Frontier V6, Frontier V4 and Magic 360. Please contact us for further information.


Is the Extreme X8 compatible with a wheelchair docking system?

Magic Mobility currently does not supply or fit a wheelchair docking system for the Extreme X8.

Can I tow a trailer?

Magic Mobility wheelchairs are not specifically designed or tested for towing. We don’t encourage towing of any description. Fitting of tow-balls or the towing of a trailer will void the warranty on your Magic Mobility wheelchair motors and power components. This is because the load on the motors is unknown and it becomes impossible to provide any kind of warranty.

Any modifications to a Magic Mobility wheelchair are made at the owner’s risk and/or using the wheelchair to tow would invalidate the warranty.

Furthermore, Magic Mobility do not conduct wheelchair testing with additional loads and don’t have any data regarding the implications to the life of the batteries and motors.

Who is best to program the controller?

Magic Mobility or an authorised repairer or dealer including Sunrise Medical Australia are recommended, for all your programming needs.

If you think there is an issue with your controller program, please contact us for assistance.

Can I put lithium-ion batteries in the wheelchair?
  • Current Magic Mobility models are not designed to use lithium-ion batteries. Customers, users and dealers should only fit recommended batteries in a Magic Mobility wheelchair.
  • Incorrectly rated batteries are a fire risk and fitting lithium-ion batteries to your Magic Mobility wheelchair may void your warranty.
Standards testing

Our power wheelchairs undergo rigorous in-house testing as part of every development process, after which they are independently tested to internationally recognised standards.


A note on stability

For standards testing, the test slope is set to different angles and the wheelchair must remain stable facing up, down and going across the slope with the seating in the most compromised (unstable) position.

Identifying the real-life stability performance of any wheelchair is a tough question to answer as it depends on a variety of factors including:

  • the persons driving ability
  • how the chair is programmed
  • their user weight, position in the chair (including power functions)
  • solid or pneumatic front castors
  • the terrain
  • weather conditions.

With caution, some users can negotiate quite steep slopes. The best approach is to progressively try different slopes with assistance close by until you are comfortable and confident. If you are alone, please ensure that you have a phone.

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