Electric Wheelchair Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get emergency help for my wheelchair?
Emergency assistance

We currently do not have a 24-hour service.

Magic Mobility hours are:

Monday-Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 4pm (Australian Eastern Standard time).

In Victoria you can contact SWEP on 1300 747 937.

If you are based in the Melbourne metropolitan area you can contact Wan and Sung Repairs (cash only, not funded) on 0411 268 921.

As a car member of RACV, you can add a wheelchair OR you can join the RACV as a wheelchair user.

For those outside Victoria, please contact your local agent or distributor for emergency help or call 000 if it is life threatening.

How do I care for my batteries?

We encourage you to take proper care of your batteries, and you should make sure you ‘run them in’ during their initial care period when you first get your chair.

Make sure your battery is fully charged before the first use. Charge your chair fully overnight after each use and make sure that your charger indicates the battery is fully charged before use the next day. This should be done no less than 20 times to complete the ‘run in’ procedure. Newer batteries will take longer to achieve a full charge, but the time required will improve as you complete the ‘run in’.

It’s important to charge daily. We recommend using only a high-quality intelligent battery charger that is compatible with your power wheelchair’s batteries. Only use the supplied off-board charger unless otherwise approved by Magic Mobility. Do not use an automotive-type battery charger.

Your power wheelchair uses a pair of high-quality long-lasting gel cell batteries that are sealed and maintenance free. Your power wheelchair has a 24V system, which is supplied by two 12V batteries. There is no need to check the electrolyte fluid level they contain. Despite their similarity to automotive batteries, they are not the same. Automotive batteries are not designed to handle a long, deep discharge, and are also unsafe for use in powerchairs.

Always have your batteries installed by a trained power wheelchair technician and do not mix and match battery manufacturers or technology, or use batteries that do not have similar date codes. Never mix Gel batteries with AGM batteries.

If you’re keen to learn more about battery technology and how they perform, we’ve provided a range of downloadable documents:

Batteries and Charging
Critical Battery Run In
Lithium Batteries

We have also developed a video to help you learn more:

How long will the batteries last?

Generally, batteries will last approximately 12-18 months for a heavy user. Someone who doesn’t drive large distances each day may be able to get 2-3 years from their batteries.

To learn more about how batteries work please watch this video:

To learn more about where your batteries will take you please watch this video:

How do I best care for my wheelchair?

There are a couple of important things to remember when starting out in your new Magic Mobility power wheelchair. Most particularly, take note of the safety and care requirements detailed in your Owner’s Manual. Here are the top tips for taking the best care:

Tip 1: Always fully charge your batteries before you use your power wheelchair. Don’t under or overcharge if you can help it, because it can shorten a battery’s lifespan. Keep your battery regularly powered.

Tip 2: We recommend thoroughly coating all metal surfaces with a water dispersant like WD40 or Lanotec, to best protect all surfaces of your wheelchair.

Tip 3: Always clean your wheelchair after it has been out in sand or snow. Make sure you give everything a light wipe when your adventuring is at an end.

Tip 4: We recommend checking your controller daily. Turn it off, and check the joystick returns to centre and is not bent or damaged in any way.

Tip 5: Check your brakes each week, by slowly pushing the joystick forward until you hear the electric brakes click, then immediately releasing the joystick. The brakes should operate within a few seconds of moving the joystick. Use the same method to test the brakes in all chair directions.

Tip 6: Be sure to check your tyre pressure weekly to ensure they maintain the correct pressure. It improves your power wheelchair’s stability and battery performance. But if you’re planning on wrestling with mud, sand or snow, take your pressure down a few notches. It’ll give you the bite and traction you need.

Tip 7: Tip 7: Your wheelchair has electric motors so must never be driven through water, rivers, streams or the sea. Any damage that occurs from driving in water can void your warranty. Remember to always clean your chair after it has been out in sand or snow. Make sure you give everything a good wipe down when your adventuring is at an end.

Tip 8: Store your chair indoors, away from the elements, keeping it warm and dry.

What tyre pressure should I use?

The right tyre pressure can improve your power wheelchair’s stability, battery performance and traction on different terrain. Adjusting your tyre pressure to the terrain is a great way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your chair. For example, lower tyre pressures set at 3.6psi (25 kPa), can provide optimum traction on soft surfaces like sand, mud or snow. Tyre pressures should then be increased to a maximum of 8psi (55 kPa) for harder surfaces.

Tyre pressures should also be adjusted depending on the user’s weight. We encourage you to check the Owner’s Manual for your power wheelchair to make sure you have the right pressure.

We recommend checking your tyre pressure weekly, on any Magic Mobility power wheelchair model. If you’re concerned about flat tyres, we recommend Magic Mobility’s puncture-resistant tyre liners to give you more confidence when going off-road. You should also be checking for signs of wear on your tyres and ensure that they are replaced when the tread pattern measures less than 2mm/0.1” in depth. Bald tyres can lose safe traction and are more prone to punctures.

The chart below may be of some assistance when considering the tyre pressure you need, but bear in mind this can vary depending upon body weight and where you’re planning on adventuring. Check with your agent to make sure you’re applying the right pressure.

All pneumatic tyres are fitted with automotive type valves and can be inflated using most typical automotive hand and foot pumps as well as service station air outlets.

Please refer to the Tyre Pressure Recommendations information sheet to see our tyre pressure recommendation charts.

What are the rules about flying with my wheelchair?

There are specific things that an airline needs to know to allow safe travel with your electric wheelchair.

Please note that our advice and information is general in nature. Different airlines in different countries may have differing regulations and requirements. Make sure you contact your chosen airline before you book your flights, and confirm their requirements before you travel.

To assist you, we’ve produced a basic fact sheet on our powered wheelchairs that you can provide to your airline. Flying-with-your-Wheelchair_Information-Sheet

Mobility aid weight

The weight of your wheelchair varies greatly with the options fitted. Generally, the weight can be between 130kg and 170kg.

Battery type

We use Gel batteries. These batteries are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and IATA approved, allowing safe transportation on aircraft, buses and trains.

Do batteries require disconnection?

Some airlines insist on disconnecting wheelchair batteries, but it is not necessary and not recommended by an unauthorised operator. You are wise to check with the carrier as to whether they require your wheelchair to be disconnected from its batteries. It can cause damage to your wiring and may impact your ability to drive the chair if it is incorrectly rewired at your destination.

Disconnecting the lead from the joystick disables the wheelchair. You can isolate the controller from the batteries by pulling out the lead from the joystick. To do this you will need a small Philips head screwdriver and perhaps some electric tape to protect the connector during transit.

Are there any special instructions that are important for airlines to know in order to take care of your mobility aid?

There are no special instructions, but we would urge you to insist that the airline does not disconnect any wires or leads other than the joystick. Reconnection by someone unqualified could lead to a very bad start to your journey.

For information on travelling with a wheelchair, please consult the accessibility information relevant to the airline you will be flying with.

Here are a few links to popular airlines and their advice. This list is not exhaustive:

Virgin Australia
American Airlines
British Airways

There is a heap of great information out there about flying with your wheelchair. Check out the air travel tips from Wheelchair Travelling for some top advice.

How far do your wheelchairs go?

It depends on your usage. The power consumption from the batteries varies if you stop/start frequently, or go on a long straight. Different terrains will also have varied battery consumption. Our advice is to try the chair depending on your daily routine.

But we understand that you really want to know how far your wheelchair will go, so here are some results under test conditions for our Frontier All-Terrain V6.

Distance covered on one charge:

Test Conditions

  • 73Ahr batteries, lift, tilt, power back, power legs, MPS seating
  • Demo chair approximately 2 years old – batteries have been deep cycled and irregularly charged
  • User weight for test 70Kgs
  • Chair charged overnight before test
  • 2 stage test undertaken

Stage 1: 19kms continuous drive (2hrs 12 mins) –at this point the battery gauge hit one red bar and the controller was emitting a warning beep

Pause: Rest chair for one hour (battery gauge returned to yellow)

Stage 2: 5kms continuous drive (30 mins) – until the battery gauge hit one red bar and the controller was emitting a warning beep

Total distance covered 24kms

How fast will a Magic Mobility wheelchair go?

At the legal limit of 10km/hr (6mph).

We are bound by regulations not to exceed this legal limit. Additionally, we can’t increase the speed as our motors are already optimised for our FrontierV6/4, Extreme X8, and Magic 360 models.

Is it easy to get any spare parts and repairs?

Yes, we keep everything in stock at our head office in Melbourne, Australia. Even if your wheelchair is older we may have the right spare part. If not, we may be able to make you one.  Please contact your local agent for assistance.

Where are Magic Mobility wheelchairs made?

Our power wheelchairs are designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. Over 80% of the chair’s parts are purchased and manufactured in Australia. The entire chair is hand built in Australia, a fact that we are very proud of.

Can an electric wheelchair be driven through water?

No. An electric wheelchair must never be driven through water. The wheelchairs have electric motors and must never be driven through rivers, into lakes or the sea.

My tyres leave black marks on the floor. How do I get rid of these?

There are a few things you can try to alleviate the problem. The easiest is to put a little more air in the tyres. Check the recommendations in your Owner’s Manual for the correct tyre pressure.

Anytime a tyre breaks traction, it skids and most black or grey tyres will leave a mark.

How much does my wheelchair weigh?

All Magic Mobility powerchairs are made to measure just for you, so it’s not always a straightforward answer.

Many hospitals have scales that can be used to weigh a powerchair. Alternatively, refer to our Powerchair and Accessory Weights table to calculate an approximate weight value based on your wheelchair model and the options and accessories you’ve chosen.

Powerchair and accessory weights
What are the weight limits of your power wheelchairs?

Our Owner’s Manual and product brochures state that Magic Mobility power wheelchairs (Extreme X8, Frontier V6 and V4 models) are rated to 182kg (400lb) with a fixed frame, or 155kg (340lb) if the wheelchair has lift or tilt functions.

Please note that if a customer weighs over 155kg (340lb), the lift function cannot be fitted to a chair as it will fail the stability test.

If a customer weighs over 155kg (340lb), a reinforced tilt only can be fitted at an additional charge. Other reinforcements such as legrests, back canes, armrests etc. should also be considered.

Our Magic 360 powerchairs have a user weight limit of 160kg (350lb).

How do I lock/unlock my wheelchair controller?

The Control System can be locked in one of two ways. Either using a button sequence on the keypad or with a physical key. How the Control System is locked depends on how the system has been programmed.

Please refer to our Information Sheet for step by step instructions:

Controller lock/unlock procedure

For a visual demonstration, please refer to our video:

How to lock your JSM controller
Can I re-program my controller?

It’s best that either Magic Mobility or one of our authorised agents make adjustments to your controller program.  There are many variables and it does require a good understanding to change correctly.

We keep a copy of every non-standard program that we write.

Do you make wheelchairs for children?

Yes. Our electric wheelchairs are perfect for children as the seat pan can adjust as your child grows. Due to this flexibility, our chairs can be fitted with a variety of seating including Magic Mobility manufactured seating or after market solutions such as Spex, Jay and R82 to name a few.

Do you have further queries?

Try our intensive FAQ document – you might just find the answer you’re looking for.