Be more adventurous

Dial up your adventurous exploration thanks to the superior power, traction and durability of Magic Mobility’s world-class, off-road capable powerchairs.

Meet Leonie

Leonie lives with her parents on a 25-acre property in the Adelaide hills of South Australia. Since her early 20’s, progressive loss of motor function means she now relies on her beloved Extreme X8, Franklin, to get outdoors, care for her horses and work on her cars. And for adventurous fun Leonie loves to see just how far she can push Franklin through mud, over rocks, and up and down steep hills both around her property and beyond.

The X8 loves adventure too! The fact that it can literally go anywhere, it's so important. It has no boundaries, it's just, no matter what "I've got you, let's do this!"

Meet Tom

Diagnosed with ALS in his 40’s, Tom needed his V6 AT to get safely in and out of his Wickenberg, Arizona home. He loved getting out on the back wood trails where he used to ride mountain bikes prior to his diagnosis. As a life-long adventurer, the physical risks of trail riding were far outweighed by the mental benefits of his adventures.

You are totally in the moment. It's rejuvenating for the spirit, for the soul, and for the mind. You feel like you're living, not dying.

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