Be more productive at work

Configure your Magic Mobility powerchair for whatever work you do by chosing from our wide array of powerful bases, modular seating and powered function options.

Meet Mark

Mark spends all day, every day in his robust and comfortable Frontier V6 Compact powerchair. Working in Melbourne’s CBD, the V6 Compact’s smaller footprint allows Mark to get in and out of wherever he needs to go, while its seat lift enables him to reach elevator buttons, speak face-to-face or access whatever he needs at normal standing height.

I live with my fiancé and I work four days a week, none of that would have been possible without a chair that could make up for all the things that physically I can’t do.

Meet Julie

Julie lives on her 26-acre property in New Zealand with 28 llamas and around 50 chickens. She relies on her Frontier V6 AT to navigate her farm, maintain her trapping line, keep an eye on pest weeds and make sure she doesn’t miss any activity going on with her livestock.

It has truly been life changing. It has given me a second life, instead of being fearful and staying at home, you simply can’t stop me now! I am moving all day long.

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