XT2 – Two Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchair

XT2 – Two Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchair

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    The XT2 will be available to trial in Australia and New Zealand from April 2024. You can register your interest in trialling the new XT range here.

    Launch dates for other regions will be announced in the coming months. Please continue to check our website for updates.

When the journey is your destination

Enjoy the exceptional range and comfort you need to journey all day.

The XT2 is designed to journey far and wide outdoors, to let you see and do more than ever before. Confident in the stability of a long wheelbase rear wheel drive with fully independent front and rear suspension.

Powered by massive motors and long-range batteries, you can manoeuvre with ease thanks to the precision of servo-powered, joystick-controlled steering. Enabled by personalised seating options and equipped with features and accessories designed for your outdoor journey.

Available for trial in Australia and New Zealand from April 2024. Please register your interest by clicking below.

  • Drive mode: Rear Wheel Drive, Two Wheel Drive
  • Motors: 2 x 850W Gear in line
  • Environment: Everyday off-road, outdoor urban environments (pathways, tracks, grass and gravel)
  • Exceptional range, comfort and control

    The XT2’s massive batteries and powerful rear wheel drive motors are designed to keep you travelling at 10 km/h top speed, uphills and down, for as long as you want. With all-day range on a single charge, you’ll run out of energy before the chair.

  • Patented independent front and rear suspension

    Front and rear wheels are mounted on their own pivoting arms that adjust independently to follow the contours of your pathway. This keeps all four wheels firmly on the ground, even at higher speeds over uneven surfaces, delivering greater stability and comfort for a feeling of effortless driving confidence.

  • Servo powered steering for precise control

    The XT2 steers using a combination of differential wheel speeds and an industry-leading servo steering module. The chair’s intuitive joystick steering delivers a feeling of reliability, responsiveness and effortless control at any speed, or in reverse.

  • Colour options and styling

    Choose from two vibrant colours or sleek Midnight Black. Aerodynamically styled injection moulded body panels are easily detached for maintenance or replacement.

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    Proudly Australian made

    Since 1994, we have been designing, engineering and manufacturing highly robust all terrain powerchairs in Melbourne, Australia, so that active users can experience a world that’s not flat.

  • Splash resistant (not waterproof)

    Please remember, the wheelchair has electric motors and must not be driven through water, into rivers, creeks or the sea. Magic Mobility wheelchairs meet Australian Standards 3696 and ISO7176.

Brochures and manuals

Magic Mobility produces world-class electric wheelchairs. Download your XT2 product brochure or Owner’s Manual here.

Technical specifications

*Length of base1105mm / 43.5" (*legrest choice and seating size may increase chair length/width)
*Width of base685mm / 27"
Floor to top of seat pan height480mm / 19"
Weight limit136kg / 300lbs
Top speed10kph / 6.2mph
Top speed at full seat elevation5kph / 3.1mph
Turning Radius1750mm / 69"
Minimum chair weight (no power lift)177kg / 390lb
Standard chair weight (with power lift, tilt, recline & legrests)212kg / 467lb
Motors2 x 850W, Gear In line
Motor IP rating 54 (splash resistant but not waterproof) The wheelchair has electric motors and must not be driven through water, into rivers, creeks or the sea.
WheelsUrban pneumatic 14" x 3" black
Batteries115Ahr (C20)
ControllerR-Net controller with LCD display or LED option
Legrest optionsCentre post, manual elevating, power/manual elevating swingaway, centre mount power elevating
Backrest and seatAdjustable seat pan (12”/305mm deep to 24”/610mm wide) to fit MPS / Rehab or aftermarket seating options
Colours3 colours standard
Tie down pointsCrash test compliant
I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how capable the XT2 is. Even on slippery, wet grass and up steep hills it never missed a beat. I was actually able to access everything I wanted to, for once! Plus, I was in the chair all day and the battery was still over half full at the end of the day. My new life goal is to get one! Rosie Nash, Melbourne Australia

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