Off-road Range

Off-road Range

For people who love to live without boundaries

From beaches to forests, deserts to mountains, Magic Mobility’s Off-road range of powerchairs deliver maximum freedom to enjoy life in the great outdoors.

Off-road powerchairs’ wide, knobby drive wheels deliver maximum traction over long grass, loose sand, rocks, roots, branches and mud, plus excellent shock-absorbtion for maximum ride comfort. Front, mid, and rear wheel drive bases fitted with our Off-road tyre are mostly used for the outdoors. Our entire range of powerchairs can be personally tailored with modular seating, power and legrest options and accessories to suit your daily needs, and to grow with you into the future.

Off-road drive wheels are fitted with 14" x 5.7" black pneumatic tyres, with the option to add puncture resistant tyre liners for ultimate off-road confidence.

Powerful motion

XT4: Powerful motors and robust construction enable you to take on even the most extreme terrains without fear of bogging or breakdown.

Large batteries

Frontier V6 AT: Plush ride comfort and large batteries equip you to spend long, carefree hours exploring new trails and terrains, so you can simply live in the moment.


Magic 360 Off-road: A wide array of accessories allow you to carry whatever you need to make the most of your off-road accessibility.

Maximum accessability

Frontier V6 AT: Powered seating and legrest options ensure ..all-day comfort, reducing fatigue and maximising personal accessibility.


Ranging from the 660 mm wide Magic 360 up to the 710 mm wide 4x4s and V6 AT, the Magic 360 is the only off-road chair that is also suitable for use in most indoor settings.


Ideal for people who work at desks or benches, or who drive their own cars. Highly stable up steep hills and kurbs; also highly manoeuvrable in tight places.

Frontier V4 FWD Off-road


Most manoeuvrable in narrower spaces, with a tight turning circle and good stability over uneven terrain thanks to stabilising front and rear castors.

Magic 360 Off-road

Frontier V6 AT


Less manoeuvrable in tight spaces, but perform best at higher speeds. Also the easiest to steer when using attendant control.

Frontier V4 RWD Off-road



For maximum stability, traction and ride comfort across all types of terrains, enabling extreme off-road adventures and outdoor recreational options.


Extreme X8


Figures show the minimum turning circle radius. These might increase by up to 45 mm depending on the choice of legrest and footrest options.