Crossover Range

Crossover Range

For people who want the best of both worlds

From tight indoor manoeuvrability to everyday off-road freedom, Magic Mobility’s Crossover range of go-anywhere powerchairs offers the widest choice of everyday accessibility.

Crossover powerchairs’ mid-width drive wheels provide a perfect balance of narrow fit and off-road traction for robust outdoor comfort and confidence without compromising indoor manoeuvrability. Front, mid or rear wheel drives with modular powered seating and legrest options and accessories enable each chair to be individually customised.

Magic 360: Crossover drive wheels are fitted with strongly treaded 14" high by 5.3" wide pneumatic tyres. In black or grey, these can be fitted with puncture resistant liners for ultimate off-road reliability.

Magic 360: Handle long, wet grass, rough rocks and tree roots with confidence, thanks to excellent suspension and plenty of traction.

Magic 360: Our compact front, mid or rear wheel drive chairs are narrow enough to manoeuvre even in tight indoor spaces

Magic 360: Powered seating and legrest options to enable easier social interactions and everyday independence.

Magic 360: Large batteries and robust reliability means you travel for hours without a worry.


Ranging from the 635 mm wide Magic 360 up to the 7 mm wide V6, all crossover chairs are easily able to fit within the confines of a standard 820 mm door width.


Ideal for people who work at desks or benches, or who drive their own cars. Highly stable up steep hills and curbs; also highly manoeuvrable in tight places.

Frontier V4 FWD Crossover


Most manoeuvrable, with the tightest turning circle and relatively stable over uneven terrains thanks to front and rear castors.

Magic 360 Crossover

Frontier V6 Crossover


Less manoeuvrable in tight spaces, but perform best at higher speeds. Also the easiest for attendant control.

Frontier V4 RWD Crossover


Ranging from the 635 mm wide Magic 360 up to the 700 mm wide V6, all Crossover chairs are easily able to fit through a standard 820 mm wide doorway.