Be more socially fulfilled

Enjoy a boundlessly fulfilling social life thanks to our wide range of multi-terrain powerchairs, as well as a life-enabling variety of power functions, features and accessories.

Meet Peta

Peta’s work as a disability advocate and podcaster keeps her involved in all sorts of social activities. A life-long wheelchair user, she relies on her Frontier V4 Front Wheel Drive to get around and drives her car from her chair, thanks to its built-in docking pin. Peta lives totally independently and takes every opportunity to get out and get involved in her community as well as do things with friends and family.

I am an outgoing person that really invests a lot of time in relationships. Being social and being surrounded by people that love and understand me is the lifeblood to my positive outlook on life.

Meet Craig

Craig at the pub

Craig is a long term wheelchair user whose passion for playing and supporting powerchair soccer is only rivalled by his love for the mighty Hawks (Hawthorn) Australian Rules Football team. His sturdy Frontier V6 Urban with seat lift lets him navigate the crowds to watch games, as well as to spend quality time with his family and friends.

As you become more involved in life, your circle of friends becomes wider. A more developed life leads to a happier mind, I think.

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