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Outdoor mobility: The neXT generation

With patented front and rear suspension, massive batteries and servo powered steering, Magic Mobility’s new XT range enables you to get further outdoors or go more off-road than ever before.

Magic Mobility XT2 – designed for all day outdoor cruising.

Our brand new XT2 – designed for all day outdoor cruising.

For 30 years Magic Mobility has been inspired by the challenge to enable people with limited mobility to live their lives to the full, free to enjoy the great outdoors like other people often take for granted.

As leading powerchair innovators, our aim is to constantly improve on satisfying wheelchair users’ desire to feel good (and look good!), go further and be more in control of their chair – and, in turn, their own lives.

Since we first launched the Magic 360 a few years back, we have been focussing on developing our range of off-road chairs, designed specifically for outdoor exploration and enjoyment.

The result of our efforts in research and development are not one, but two brand new outdoor powerchairs, designed to address many of the unmet needs and lifestyle aspirations expressed via our users’ feedback.

OUR ALL NEW XT2 cruiser. Your journey, done your way

The XT2 is in many ways a totally new type of powered wheelchair.

Introducing the Magic Mobility XT2 powerchair

The XT2: journey further on a single charge.

With four large Urban wheels on a longer wheelbase, this powerful rear wheel drive features two 850-Watt motors and has larger batteries than on any chair we have ever made. The XT2 is designed to cruise effortlessly over footpaths, bike tracks, grass, tree roots and gravel pathways typical of the areas where most people live, work and play.

The addition of a new level of excellence in steering, our servo-powered steering module not only provides superior, reliable control at top speeds, but also reduces the amount of energy required to drive the chair. The result is a range that has been real-world tested in Urban environments (carrying a 100 kg user) achieving our best results for a real world test to date. And all on a single charge.

With the same superior seating comfort and powered seating and legrest options as any other Magic Mobility powerchair, an XT2 user can cruise outdoors in comfort for hours with peace of mind and confidence, regardless of the everyday off-road terrains they encounter on their journey.

Our upgraded off-road powerhouse, the brand-new XT4. Off-road, off the scale!

The brand new XT4.

The XT4 is our latest and greatest off-road 4×4 powerchair, built on the experience of our world famous and much loved Extreme X8.
Thanks to the all new patented front and rear suspension designed and developed by our Australian engineers and combined with our unique new servo steering module, the XT4 now provides greater comfort, stability and traction over extreme off-road terrains than we’ve ever provided before.

With larger batteries as standard and the improved efficiency of servo-powered steering, the XT4 is designed to take you further off-road.

Its precise and intuitive powered steering and improved control in both forward and reverse removes the requirement for a separate steering lock, which adds an extra level of convenience for XT4 users.

Feel more stable and comfortable across slopes and up steep inclines in the Magic Mobility XT4

Stable & comfortable on slopes and inclines.

As explained in more detail here, the XT4’s brilliant new suspension system is designed to keep all four wheels on the ground. This provides superior traction even across undulating terrains.

Adventurous Magic Mobility customers, users and testers who regularly use all terrain wheelchairs have tested the XT4 in real-world conditions. They say it is noticeably more comfortable in terms of reduced side-to-side movement, and that it feels more stable, particularly when driving sideways on an incline or up a steep hill.

Both the XT2 and XT4 share the same sleek and updated contemporary body styling and are fitted with removable body panels to enable easy access for servicing and repairs.

Summing up – so much better for getting outdoors

Our brand-new XT family of power chairs have been designed to:

  1. Look good – sleek, contemporary styling with smarter design features
  2. Feel good – more comfortable suspension and greater stability to support the user over rough terrain
  3. Go further – extended off-road and all-day cruising range on a single charge
  4. Be more in control – precise servo steering and improved traction across all terrains

So…when and where can you get one?

The XT2 and XT4 will become available to test drive and order in Australia and New Zealand from April 2024, with availability extending to other countries and regions from 2025.

In the meantime, you can register your interest in hearing more about the timing of availability here, or enquire with any specific questions you may have about the new chairs or our entire powerchair and accessory range here.

Click here to find your local agent and trial our range of powerchairs across your terrain.

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