Puncture Resistant Tyre Liners | Magic Mobility

Puncture Resistant Tyre Liners

Magic Mobility worked closely with an Australian rubber manufacturer to develop an Aramid fibre-reinforced rubber compound for improved puncture resistance. The challenge was to ensure that our Off-road knobby tyres could still maintain an extremely low PSI whilst avoiding punctures.

We now also offer tyre liners on our Crossover tyres, which can be fitted to the Magic 360, Frontier V6 AT and Urban, and all Frontier V4 powerchairs.

Puncture resistant tyre liners provide peace of mind for those concerned about leaks and punctures when going off-road or across more difficult terrains. They also serve to prevent punctures from everyday hazards such as broken glass, sharp rocks and prickles or thorns.

Watch our video to see our puncture resistant tyre liners in action.