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What makes the XT chairs so much better?

Magic Mobility’s team of Australian engineers spent years translating users’ feedback into truly ground-breaking design innovations. Learn more about the many details that make these chairs just so much better.

Look Good

The modern, updated design of the new XT’s – similar to the versatile Magic 360 – look really impressive and stylish. And that’s not just because of their sleek and contemporary angular lines and high-quality injection-moulded body panels. It is also because of the painstaking attention to detail that went in to making the best-looking chairs possible.

Built in LED headlights, brake and reverse lights on the XT2 and XT4 from Magic Mobility.

Built in LED headlights, as well as braking and reversing lights.

New, integrated LED headlights – housed in the mudguards above the front wheels, a powerful set of six LEDs and blinkers not only cast a brilliant pool of illumination, but also look sleek and modern compared with other bolt-on lighting systems. And they come standard on both new XT models!

Stylish rims for every XT powerchair

Stylish rims in silver or black (XT4 only).

Hidden wiring for a sleek look – throughout both XT chairs the wiring for powered accessories are cleverly hidden away – both from view and from potential harm – in specially designed cabling channels.

Stylish wheel rims – the elegantly minimalist three-spoke matte silver rims used on both the Off-road XT4 and Urban XT2 tyres complement the sleek and uncluttered look of the chairs. Black Off-road rims are also available on the XT4 only.

Feel good

The XT2’s independent front and rear suspension can also handle kerbs.

The XT2’s independent front and rear suspension can also handle kerbs*.

Both XTs introduce our patented suspension innovations that deliver unparalleled levels of driver comfort and confidence.

The XT2 is fitted with independent front and rear suspension systems, mounted on articulating arms fixed to the chassis, allowing independent front and rear movement over bumps and dips in terrain. The front sub-frame is designed to pivot freely, with shock dampeners added to each side to smooth the lumps and bumps.

The XT4 utilises articulating front and rear arms attached to the opposite end of the rigid battery housing sub-frame, for maximum flex and improved shock absorption. Shock dampeners near each wheel also minimise vibration sometimes experienced by users across rough terrain.

*Yellow prototype chair pictured at right. Both XT chairs are available in Black, Red and Blue standard colours.

Be in control

Both XTs are also equipped with an all-new, servo powered steering module. Thanks to its powerful control of the chairs the XTs align each of the front wheels with the direction set by the joystick and this prevents unwanted misalignment when the chair encounters uneven ground or obstacles.

The intuitive servo steering also ensures that the speed of each drive wheel is optimised for the desired direction of any turn, driving the outer wheel faster than the inner wheels to minimise loss of traction and achieve the perfect wheel angle when turning.

The XT’s all-new servo powered steering provides precise control at any speed

The XT’s all-new servo powered steering provides precise control in both forward and reverse. The servo powered steering is designed to align the front wheels to perfectly negotiate obstacles and turns.

The ability to set front wheel alignment even when stopped provides a new level of control, making reversing and completing three-point turns much more simple. The steering is more precise and intuitive than with chairs that turn solely by using differential steering.

The directional stability of the XT2’s long, but narrow drive base is enhanced by the superior ride stability delivered by our independent front and rear suspension.

The XT4’s steering is enhanced by improved wheel-to-ground contact and enabled by our independent front and rear suspension, ensuring more constant traction with the ground when turning and navigating obstacles.

Go further

The range of Magic Mobility's XT4’s extends well beyond previous off-road 4x4 limits.

Servo powered steering and massive batteries extend the XT4’s range well beyond previous off-road 4×4 limits.

Both the XT2 and XT4 come standard with massive 115Ah AGM batteries. We have designed our XTs to accommodate larger, deep-cycle batteries, with a longer life. With standard use, correct storage and maintenance and regular charging, these new batteries will maintain high levels of efficiency over their lifetime.

The XTs range, as with all powered wheelchairs, is determined by a variety of factors, including the weight of its user, the nature of their terrain and the amount of energy required to change the chair’s direction through the application of differential speeds to each of its wheels, we have designed the XTs with this in mind and the newer, bigger batteries provide what is needed, when it is needed.

Both XT’s servo powered steering modules significantly reduce the amount of energy devoted to changing direction. This is particularly significant for the XT4, which uses far less energy to change direction compared with non-servo steering platforms.

The XT2’s amazing range performance is also enabled by several other factors designed to minimise frictional energy loss. These include 14”x 3” Urban tyres, which have low drag and obstacle-mounting capabilities, and the balanced traction enabled by the directionally optimised, servo-controlled power distribution to the drive wheels. With the best and longest range achievable from any of our wheelchairs to date, XT2 users can take up the challenge to run the battery charge down before they run out of steam.

Discover more about the XT4 here and the XT2 here, or contact us with any queries you may have. Read our disclaimer here.

Our biggest ever batteries power the XT2 at its top speed of 10 km/h for all-day range on a single charge.

Our biggest ever batteries power the XT2 at its top speed of 10 km/h, for all-day range on a single charge.

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