Manufacturing world-class power wheelchairs from our factory in Melbourne, Australia

Magic Mobility is a proud Australian designer, engineer and manufacturer of go-anywhere, all terrain powerchairs. Since 1994, we have been empowering active wheelchair users all around the world to push their boundaries, go further and to experience a world that’s not flat.

Magic Mobility: Because the World’s not FlatTM

For 25 years, Magic Mobility has been enabling its clients to experience the freedom and adventure that comes with a go-anywhere wheelchair. From driving through the soft sands of Australia’s beautiful beaches, climbing the many rugged mountain ranges, to dominating the nation’s muddy farmyards, Magic Mobility has been empowering wheelchair users to go where they want to go since 1994.  In the process, the company is re-defining wheelchair mobility for new generations and improving lives.

Magic Mobility’s story started when Ashley Daff, fresh from studying prosthetics at university, secured an assembly role at Sibbing Mobility in suburban Melbourne. Within six months of his arrival Ashley was the go-to man for all of Sibbing’s highly-customised wheelchair solutions.  Over the years, Ashley developed strong relationships within the disabled community and was known for his deep understanding of the human body and his exceptional level of mechanical nous.  When the future of Sibbing was looking doubtful Ashley took the leap of faith and founded Magic Mobility.

Over the last 25 years, Magic Mobility has made a name for itself developing customised wheelchairs empowering end-users and enabling them to go places where standard wheelchairs could not take them.  Customisation is an essential offering that enables people to live the way they choose.  Magic is determined to push the boundaries of what power chairs can achieve by being resolutely driven by the unmet needs of their users.

From its origins of designing and building manual wheelchairs, Magic soon moved to powered chairs.  Noticing the unfulfilled need for outdoor experiences, Ash started developing highly mobile wheelchair bases that were capable of climbing kerbs and taking on rough and unpredictable terrain.  A series of successful wheelchair designs culminated in the development of the Extreme 4×4.

The Extreme 4×4 was a pioneering world leader in outdoor mobility, shattering any preconceptions that people with disabilities couldn’t enjoy the most rugged of terrain.  With a powerful motor driving each of the four wheels, the Extreme could take users to places that had never seemed possible before.  The world took notice and wheelchair users from around the globe started demanding a Magic Mobility powered wheelchair.  Magic began exporting their boundary-pushing wheelchairs to all corners of the globe including the USA, UK, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Complementing their Extreme wheelchair, Magic Mobility has developed a world-class range of wheelchair solutions designed to provide highest level of independence for their diverse customer base.  These wheelchairs have become class leaders in providing solutions ranging from driving in the tightest of spaces, being collapsible to fit in the back of a station wagon, or to providing users with highly limited movement the ability to drive a wheelchair and achieve a level of independence that was previously unheard of.  

Our purpose is:

  • To empower people to push boundaries and to experience a world that’s not flatTM

Our customer cause is:

  • “let me experience a world that’s not flat”

Our core values:

  • Empathetic
    • We genuinely care and we connect, listen, understand and translate, always with our user’s unmet need and aspirations at front of mind
  • Maverick
    • When confronted by a rule we ask why not?  We opt for the less travelled path in order to discover a better solution
  • Driven to go further
    • We don’t settle for good enough and we will always go the extra mile

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Meet The Team At Magic Mobility

We are a very passionate team at Magic Mobility. We will take the time to listen to your needs and provide you the best possible solution.

Magic Mobility

Magic Mobility began in 1994 and has grown to employ over 20 staff.  Our wheelchairs are Australian made and designed and each person contributes to making some of the best wheelchairs in the world. Whether it’s Management, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Logistics, Customer Service or Factory Assembly, our goal is to provide you with the right wheelchair for your needs.

Customtrim Upholstery

  • A world class team of upholsterers who work in the Magic Mobility factory
  • They can sew anything for your wheelchair!
  • Custom colours, shapes, logos, flags, you name it!

What Our Customers Say About Us

Below you will find some testimonials from our happy customers.

Peter bought a Frontier V6 for his wife. "Its given my wife some independence back. Yesterday was out all day with family at a local country show, today we walked around to my brother & sister in laws for coffee, then home via the Main Street cafe for lunch, past the top shop in for a loaf of bread & a chat on the way home. Last weekend was down to the skate park with our 2 kids and their husband & wife & our 5 grandkids, (it's) taking a long time to get up & down the Main Street! Lots of stopping & chatting with friends."

Peter Roozendaal Tasmania, Australia

For so many years with my old wheelchair I could only go straight ahead and 50 metres later was the end of my ride. As soon as I trialled the X8, it was “love at first sight”! Finally I could turn right in the mountains and drive on the sandy beach. My Extreme X8 is easy to drive even with its mighty off road capacities. I just love the outdoors, nearly every day I can go either to a nearby park or along the sandy beaches or …. even both in the same day!

Henry Vivet France

My Extreme X8 allows me to go to the beach and enjoy time with friends and family on the sand. It allows me to play with my dog easily. It rests my back when my spine starts to hurt.

Jillian Underitter Virginia, USA

My Magic X8 chair allows me to venture off the pavement without worrying about getting stuck. The four wheel drive really works great, it will take me just about anywhere I want to go. Now I can get out on my property and go wherever I want. My Magic X8 chair is great on the beach and very capable on the trail. It allows me to venture around the outdoors and enjoy natures beauty.

Kevin St Amant Florida, USA

I drive a Frontier V6 Compact 40. Magic Mobility configured a head control system for me. My electric wheelchair and its power lift function helps me pursue my love of photography; I can capture new dynamics.

Niamh – Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Compact 40 Electric Wheelchair User
Niamh Scally Melbourne, Australia

Made in Australia and made very well. The quality of every bit of the chair looks to be of the finest quality. I am an engineer of sorts, Electrical and Mechanical and also a qualified tradesman and teacher. When I was healthy I owned very large farms and processing factories so I do know what I am talking about. Congratulations on building such a well designed and well built product.

Chris Red Hills, Victoria

My Frontier V6-AT has met and exceeded my expectations. I've gone many miles and hours ... in the almost 4 years I've had it. It has never broken down on me or let me down. It has always got me home, that's important. I have confidence when I leave on my daily excursions.

Gary Hays Texas, USA

I first started using my X8 in 2012. I live out of town a bit and the streets do not all have ADA compliant curb cuts. But with my X8 and its 4WD I can just drive up and over or down and over the curbs. Great because I could not do it before. I can also now go outside in all kinds of weather. Goes great in the snow as well as sand and high grass.

Thomas Grieb Washington, USA