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Searching for more adventure?

Having the right equipment makes it easy to maintain a sense of adventure and spontaneity. We hear from two of our powerchair users about how having the right powerchair has allowed them to live a more adventurous life.

1: Gary Hayes’ story – Frontier V6 All Terrain

Gary adventuring in his V6 Frontier All Terrain powerchair.

Gary adventuring in his V6 Frontier All Terrain powerchair.

“I’m a veteran and I live in central Texas outside of Fort Hood. I have always been an outdoors kinda guy. I still am.

My past hobbies were racing heavyweight superbikes on the road race circuit in Texas and Mexico. I’ve always liked hunting and camping.

Getting into the Frontier V6 All Terrain has been a life-changing experience for me. The independence I have and the versatility this chair gives me is amazing.

I can go off-road into the woods with complete confidence. I wanted a chair that was equally at home indoors, as well as out. I chose well in my opinion.

The Frontier V6 AT’s interchangeable wheels can take you from indoors to the great outdoors easily.

I take care of my equipment, but I admit that I am hard on it. The Frontier V6 has never broken down on me or let me down. I’ve put many miles and hours on it, and it has always gotten me home. That is important. You must be able to have confidence when you’re away from home.

My powerchair’s got great range, power and versatility. This chair has met and exceeded my expectations.

I go everywhere in my V6 powerchair. I love going where there are no sidewalks and I will blaze a trail of my own.”


2: Rob Camm’s story – Extreme X8

Conquering Mount Snowden in a powerchair

Rob and his team navigating Mount Snowden.

“Having grown up in a rural area, being outdoors is an extremely important part of my life.

I clearly remember the first Christmas I had at home after my injury when people were going for a walk, and I wasn’t able to join in.

Now with my Magic Mobility Extreme X8, I can participate in all the Christmas traditions.

With the X8, being able to get back out in the fields and woods around home was amazing. I love that I can help clear trees and pull the trailer with branches on it behind me. Or enjoy taking my dogs for a walk again.

Powerful, impressive, life-changing. That’s how I’d sum up my Extreme X8.

Tough Mudder in a Magic Mobility powerchair!

The next adventure for Rob was Tough Mudder.

Inspired by the Snowden Push, an event for people in manual chairs who are pushed up Mount Snowden, I decided to challenge myself to get up Mount Snowden myself.

I knew that another powerchair user had made it up previously, but not with chin control.

I felt that I had the required fitness from my previous challenges. What we needed to work on was how my team would work together to help get the chair up the steep slopes. So our training was mainly done on local mountain bike tracks to prepare for the event.

I’m thinking about my next goal now, I want to keep challenging myself!

The sense of achievement I felt when I made it to the summit was fantastic, it was just a really great day. Since then, I’ve also completed the Tough Mudder half-day marathon.“

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