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The Extreme X8, engineered for outdoor adventure

Kevin is a proud patriot, a disabled US Marine Corps veteran, and a keen adventurer. His Extreme X8 enables him to get out on the trails, the beach and his property in Florida.

His favourite feature is the ultimate four-wheel drive performance, powered by motors on each wheel. These help him conquer off-road obstacles. Kevin also lists the power lift, an add-on feature which enables him to be six-foot tall again.

“My Extreme X8 allows me to venture off the pavement without worrying about getting stuck,” Kevin said. “The four-wheel drive will take me just about anywhere I want to go.”

Kevin is very active, so he needed a powerchair that could reliably take him to all of his appointments, commitments and hobbies. He’s a public speaker, a caregiver for other people with disabilities or who are in need, and he volunteers for charities that enhance the lives of veterans and disabled veterans. He also enjoys working on automotive vehicles, scuba diving and being out in nature. He chose the Extreme X8 because it is versatile and robust enough to take him where he needs to go.

“I recently travelled to my daughter’s wedding on an island in southern Georgia, and my Extreme X8 transported me all over the beach and allowed me to adventure about the island’s trails,” Kevin said.

“I felt very independent and elated with the ability to go anywhere I wanted.”

The Extreme X8 is loved by users globally for its ability to tackle remote and rugged terrain. This is because its base and smaller footprint has been engineered for maximum stability, traction, comfort and obstacle climbing (up to 4 inches / 10cm). Its frame articulation and low pressure, 14’’ x 5” knobby tyres, provide a smoother ride and greater suspension which helps users stay comfortable over the bumps.

The Extreme X8’s steering is driven passively, resulting in less wear and tear on tyres and greater traction. This ensures that motors draw less current.

Kevin credits Magic Mobility’s USA team with doing a great job of fitting his powerchair to him. He says they made it really comfortable and adjusted it to his needs.

We spoke to Magic Mobility engineer Lachlan Daff about how the Extreme X8 is engineered to enable people who love the great outdoors get off-road.

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