Ctrl+5 Switch® | Magic Mobility

Ctrl+5 Switch®

The Switch-It CTRL+5® with assignable buttons is a switch box device that plugs into the PG Drives R-Net system and allows for the setup of a maximum of ten different functions in ten discrete buttons (each switch is two buttons). The Ctrl+5® switches are pre-programmed from the factory to default values for the actuators on the chairs.

This feature allows the button assignments to be changed to any of the assignable button functions to best suit each user’s requirements. The system allows for having two standard CTRL+5® or one standard CTRL+5® and one CTRL+5® with remote seating on the same power wheelchair, if desired, for a total of up to 20 different functions in twenty discrete buttons.

The Switch-It CTRL+5® is available as a toggle or button version.  Each version has LED colour light feedback and a USB charger port for mobile devices.

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