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Lift and Tilt

With 30cm (12inch) elevation, the power lift function on our electric wheelchairs can open up new worlds and possibilities for you. The benefits are numerous, but here are some important ones:

Independence: By having the lift, you may be able to live more independently by having greater accessibility to the things you need and love to do.

Reach: It is simply easier to reach items when you are in an elevated position. The 30cm of lift is easily noticeable, making reaching things like light switches and checkout counters that much easier.

Increased views: Sitting at a concert or sports game doesn’t always give you the best experience, especially if everybody around you is standing and you can’t see through the crowd. An elevation of 30cm gives you just what you need to be at standing height, making these standing experiences much more enjoyable.

Social interaction: The 30cm lift makes social interaction much easier and more enjoyable.

For children: Being at eye level to their fellow classmates and friends through the use of the power lift function can help reduce the negative stigma that may affect young wheelchair users. This can result in more enriching positive experiences for your child.

It can be quite frustrating for a wheelchair user to sit in a crowded room where everybody else is standing. This is because those standing often appear taller than the wheelchair user, even if they are shorter in actual height. The optional power lift function available with all Magic Mobility power chairs helps to alleviate this problem.

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