Lights | Magic Mobility


All Magic Mobility powerchairs can be fitted with headlights and tail lights. Our lights use a highly efficient 24V LED lighting system that runs directly from the wheelchair batteries. These lights can be controlled using our standard R-net control system or via other options such as switches and attendant controls.

The lights can be mounted on either the wheelchair base or seat. The exact headlight and tail light positions will be tailored on each powerchair, determined by the specifications of the chair such as type of legrest, kneepads, power options, etc. Depending on their mounting position and the powerchair model, the lights may be mounted on flexible rubber brackets or spring-loaded, to protect from impacts.

The benefits of headlights and tail lights are numerous; they increase the safety of the wheelchair driver by improving their visibility, while also making pathfinding much easier at night.

The headlights and tail lights on our powerchairs also include a turning indicator function.

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