Retractable Docking Pin – Frontier | Magic Mobility

Retractable Docking Pin – Frontier

Our Retractable Docking Pin gives you the freedom to drive a car whenever you choose. You operate the docking pin via your joystick, simply pressing a button to give you ease of movement.  The docking pin locks into position, giving you greater confidence.

Docking pins are not new, but at Magic Mobility we went one step further. When our docking pin is not in use, it retracts safely inside the wheelchair frame. So, reduced ground clearance, particularly when travelling over uneven terrains or catching on curbs and other obstacles is now a thing of the past.

  • Increases safety and ground clearance (by approx. 45mm)
  • Fully crash tested to ISO
  • Designed for use with most existing docking stations (5/8″ Pin)
  • Slows drive speed to 10% when down for safety
  • Available on Frontier V6 mid wheel drive and V4 front and rear wheel drive models.  Can be retrofitted into older models.

Please note that the docking pin is not available in conjunction with transfer tilt power function or on the Extreme X8 powerchair.

Watch our video to see the docking pin in action.

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