MPS Seating

Through custom contouring, the MPS supportive seating system provides maximum comfort and support, incorporating an anti-thrust seat front, lateral contouring on both the padded seat and a padded backrest. The extra supportive wing bolsters on the backrest and built-in lumbar support ensures the best in spinal and trunk positioning. The backrest is fitted to the individual with a manual reclining system to accommodate various seat-to-back angles. An adjustable headrest supports the user’s head.

Magic Mobility works with you to design a custom seating system. Seat width, seat depth, armrest height, leg rest length and depth and backrest position are altered to suit various seating cushions and backrest styles.

The padded seat features three grades of soft foam and a rubber sprung pelvic support area. The seat can also be manufactured to incorporate various aftermarket brands of pressure relief cushions such as Jay and Roho.

Magic Rehab Seating

The Magic Rehab back offers you the best in support, flexibility and adjustability. This product can be fitted to all our wheelchair models. It can also be mounted to other wheelchair bases with backrest canes (diameter 7/8 – 1 inch [22 – 25mm]). It is mounted on the modular backrest canes and has a fully adjustable bracket. Customisable options:

  • Backrest width and height
  • Lateral trunk support size, depth and angle
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Lumbar support thickness
  • Other custom options to suit your needs

Throughout the fitting process for your Magic Mobility wheelchair, your seating will be customised for your specific measurements and comfort. These customisations include the size, depth, angle and lumbar support of the backrest, and will ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your seat.

Removable MPS Backrest Insert

A removable MPS backrest, along with a removable seat cushion, enables the fold-forward function on the canes to reduce the overall height of the chair to as low as 620mm. This makes fitting your wheelchair into a plane’s cargo hold or most SUVs easier.  But even without the fold-forward function, removing the MPS backrest and using shorter canes can reduce the height to around 850mm as shown in here. 

Fold Forward Backrest

The Fold-Forward Backrests have been designed to reduce the height of your wheelchair to fit into everyday wagons or SUVs and plane cargo holds.  They are designed for MPS or Rehab seating and backrests.  Watch our video to see how the Fold Forward Backrest works. The fold-forward functionality, when combined with a removable backrest and seat cushion, enables your wheelchair size to be reduced significantly depending on its configuration.  The wheelchair height folds down to approx. 620mm (24.5″)  on the Frontier V4 and V6, and approx. 650mm (25.5″) on the Extreme X8.