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Harnessing your adventures

We know you spend a lot of time in your wheelchair, so it’s important that you are comfortable, supported and safe so that you can have the adventures you want.

We’re looking at the different types of harnesses and seat belts available to ensure you’ve got the support and peace of mind when you’re out and about.

Standard Seat Belts

Also known as posture belts, a seat belt is the most basic support and safety option when you’re in your wheelchair.

Tethering at the side of your seat, and spanning across your hips and body, these belts provide postural support and help to secure you in your powerchair. There are three postural belts available to add to your wheelchair:

Standard Posture Belt

The retractable posture belt secures at the hip

This belt secures with a buckle at the centre of the body, and can be adjusted in length to suit you.

Retractable Posture Belt

The retractable posture belt secures with a buckle at the side of the wheelchair, and is designed to retract when not in use. This ensures you can always find each end when securing the belt, and negates the risk of getting the belt caught in the wheelbase when it’s not in use.

The crash tested seat belt is a safer option for using your wheelchair as a seat in a motor vehicle

Crash Tested Seat Belt

This seat belt is ideal for those who use their wheelchair while in a car. It’s crash test compliant, fitted with specific mounts that are also crash test compliant.

To improve safety, all posture belts should be secured as low on the pelvis as possible.


In addition to posture belts, a range of harnesses are available. These include chest and ankle straps, designed to provide additional support and control. These harnesses should always be used in conjunction with your lap belt.

All Magic Mobility powerchair models have been crash tested to either RESNA WC19 or ISO7176-19 to provide safer transportation options for people who use their wheelchair as a seat in a motor vehicle.

Are you interested in finding out more about harnesses, posture belts or your powerchair’s crash test rating? Contact us today to find out more.

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