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Leonie takes up the challenge

Leonie, her horse Legacy & her Extreme X8

If you’re not aware of its functions, the Extreme X8 can sometimes be dismissed as a leisure and adventure chair. But Leonie, like so many of us, knows different.

The Extreme X8 is for essential use when you live a life that is rural, off-the-beaten track, or you just want to do the things you’ve always done.

Be like Leonie – don’t take “no” for an answer!

Leonie simply wanted to live the lifestyle she had in rural South Australia before needing a wheelchair. When she received her Extreme X8 in November 2020 she promptly gave it a name – Franklin – and the very first thing she did was take her horse, Legacy, for a walk.

“Like pairs of shoes, not all wheelchairs can go all places – that is, except the Extreme X8,” said Leonie. “I chose it so it can take me where my manual wheelchair cannot go.”

But getting Franklin, the Extreme X8, with the support of the NDIS was no easy task. Leonie had to clearly spell out exactly why she needed a chair with such power, grunt and off-road capability.

“The first time I applied for funding, it was instantly declined, So I had to fight for funding, explaining that the Extreme X8 was justified as reasonable and necessary for me to access my home safely,” explained Leonie. “I live on a hilly, rural property and the Extreme X8 is necessary to navigate here and it helps me to achieve my goals.”

Leonie in her Magic Mobility Extreme X8

“The Extreme X8 was suggested by my wonderful OT and the team at Xtra Care here in South Australia so I could safely access the outside and do more with my horse again.”

Since securing the Extreme X8 Leonie can now access the beautiful place she calls home.

“It’s just the best feeling! I could not believe that I could go to all of these places. I feel like I’ve regained my sense of adventure. Every time I use Franklin I fall in love with it more and more.”

“It has given me the gift of life back.”

Leonie’s world has opened up again, allowing her to get close, work and play with her horse Legacy. Leonie is a confessed car-nut, with two classic cars she has not been able to work on for many years. The Extreme X8 gives her the freedom to get up close to her cars, transfer over to get things done in the engine bays.

Leonie with her Extreme X8 working on her car

Additionally, Leonie was over the moon to discover that the Extreme X8 would fit into the back of her Landrover Discovery.

“I’ll be able to enjoy camping again!” she exclaimed. “And full-blown hiking! I am also really excited that the Extreme X8 will allow me to access the beach again!”

The Extreme X8 is more than simply a leisure chair for adventure – it’s a chair designed to take on the challenges of the life you throw at it.

Check out this short video of Leonie walking her horse Legacy in her Extreme X8.

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