Getting and staying comfortable in a wheelchair is one of our primary concerns. As humans we move at least every 15 minutes, adjusting and settling ourselves to stay comfortable. At Magic Mobility we pride ourselves on creating powered wheelchairs that are not only robust and designed to tackle every and any environment but are comfortable and supportive as well. This is even more important where users might be spending significant periods of time in their wheelchair.

ROHO Air Cushion

The ROHO Air Cushion

To ensure our powerchair users’ comfort, Magic Mobility offers several seating systems and cushions, one of which is the ROHO air cushion. ROHO offers a seating range of air-cell based cushions with a patented design called DRY FLOATATION® technology. It mimics the properties of water and ensures an individual’s body is immersed and enveloped to give top-notch pressure distribution. The modular design allows the air cells to be adjusted as the user’s shape and condition changes, helping to maintain blood flow and reduce pressure on contact points.


Having the wrong seat on your powerchair can easily lead to pressure injuries or soreness. Ongoing basic discomfort can develop into longer lasting problems. Magic Mobility takes your seat very seriously – and we shape things around you and what you need.

Keith getting seating sorted on his new Extreme X8.

Cushioning is much more than simply adding a pillow or two. Magic Mobility user Keith Boyd’s family were concerned about his comfort needs as he grew, and they took to heart his need for a serious seat. Keith Boyd’s family wanted to ensure they were accommodating his growing body and providing him the utmost in comfort.

“It was important to us to keep Keith supported and comfortable for years to come,” explained his mother, Erin. “When we got his seating adjusted by Magic Mobility’s agents, I could see that it was going to be able to accommodate his ever complex and growing seating needs for years to come.”

ROHO creates cushions suited for everyday comfort, through to high-level support for management and recovery from pressure injuries. They are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit the body types and needs of different users. You can team a ROHO cushion with your Magic Mobility powered wheelchair and know that you can work to avoid pressure injuries because unlike foam cushions, ROHO will constantly adjust and conform to an individual’s body to provide ideal support and comfort.

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