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Tips for serious seating

The wrong seat on your powerchair can easily lead to pressure injuries. Ongoing basic discomfort can develop into longer lasting problems. Magic Mobility takes your seat very seriously – and we shape things around you and what you need.

Keith getting seating sorted on his new Extreme X8.

Keith Boyd’s family were concerned about his comfort needs as he grew, and they took to heart his need for a serious seat.

Cushioning the derriere is much more than simply adding a pillow or two. Keith Boyd’s family wanted to ensure they were accommodating his growing body and providing him the utmost in comfort.

“It was important to us to keep Keith supported and comfortable for years to come,” explained his mother, Erin. “When we got his seating adjusted by Magic Mobility’s agents in the US I could see that it was going to be able to accommodate his ever-complex, growing seating needs for years to come.”

Here’s our top tips for your bottom:

Our Maximum Postural Support seating system provides the comfort and support you need.

1. Taking the weight off with postural support

We like to work around you. The Magic Mobility Maximum Postural Support seating system provides the comfort and support you need. This is a whole-body seating system, which takes into account your individual needs.

From the lateral contouring on the padded seat and backrest, to the extra supporting wing bolsters on the backrest, the MPS is an excellent example of our personalised approach to seating.

We’ll work with you to make sure you’ve got the right grade of foam, and we can incorporate various alternative pressure relief cushions such as the Jay and Roho brands.

2. Resting your back

The removeable backrest gives you freedom and choice of support.

If you are looking for support and flexibility check out our Magic Mobility Rehab Backrest, which can be fitted to all our Magic Mobility powerchair models.

Back comfort is a highly personal thing, so this fully modifiable backrest might just be perfect for you. It gives vital lumbar support, while also offering vertical and horizontal adjustment.

Check out more information here.

We take your comfort seriously. Get in touch to find out more about supporting your back, sides and bottom.

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