Wheelchair Control Systems

We stock the Penny and Giles R-net range of electric wheelchair controls.



One Click Activator

The One Click Activator enables you to directly operate up to five actuator based power functions, each with one simple click. When combined with a CJSM2 joystick, it has the added benefit of enabling you to change your power functions on-the-go, without having to stop your wheelchair.

It has the ability to be mounted where you need it.  For some that might be underneath the joystick, on the opposite armrest, or on the back if you require an attendant.  It even works in conjunction with a table or drink holder on the non-joystick arm with a special mounting bracket.

The One Click Activator can be fitted to all wheelchair models, with either CJSM2 or JSM joystick.

Head Control Unit

The head control unit can be used to drive all Magic Mobility power wheelchairs with the R-net system.

A speciality configured joystick is mounted behind the wheelchair users head which converts the movement of their headrest into the required actions from the wheelchair.  The advantage is that the chair feels and behaves no differently than if it was being driven by a conventionally mounted joystick.  The headrest allows the joystick to be moved in three different directions (left, right and backwards).  The harder it is pushed, the faster the chair drives.  A simple switch reverses the backward movement of the head control into either forward or reverse motion of the wheelchair.  Watch our video to see the head control unit in action.

Quick Release Joystick

Magic Mobility’s Quick Release Joystick enables this expensive and fragile component to be removed easily before travel.  Please note that this simple procedure isolates the batteries and keeps your controller safe.