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25 years of expertise captured in our new website

When you’re celebrating a significant birthday, it’s important to get yourself something special. So, we did!

At Magic Mobility we pride ourselves on building custom chairs tailored for what people need, and our website is no different. We built an online experience responding to the things that you’ve told us you want.

We’re 25 years old!

Have a read of what our Research and Development Director Ashley Daff has got to say about his vision when designing solutions for wheelchair users, and you’ll discover why we’ve made our new website in a similar way.

“We’ve listened to what you’ve told us about the kinds of places you want to go, and how you decide about how you’re going to get there,” said Ashley. “It’s always a challenge to keep our designs improving and responding to needs. We’ve applied the same thinking to our online world as well as our wheelchairs.

“Whether it’s the extreme off-road or the urban outdoors, our new website is designed to help you select the terrain that best represents the places you need to go and then enables you to discover the wheelchairs that suit you best.

“Also having the opportunity to explore colour options for your new wheelchair including the base or wheels helps our customers get a better view of what their final wheelchair might look like”.

With customer’s input we know a lot about what people want and need from a powerchair. Take a look around our new site and find out:

·      How to easily familiarise yourself with our range and where you can go in our chairs

·     Have fun customising a chair with colour options and tyre options

·     Learn more about aftermarket accessories and upgrades 

After you take a look around our new site don’t hesitate to tell us what you think!

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