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A Magic 360 Delivery Day!

A Magic 360 Delivery Day

A Magic 360 Delivery Day.

Taking delivery of your new powerchair is exciting regardless of what it is, but when it’s a Vivid Pink brand-new Magic 360 then you have more than one reason to celebrate!

We talk to Aleacia about taking receipt of her powerful new future.

“Perfect,” said Aleacia. “It looks cool.”

The new Magic 360 was gently rolled onto the grass at its new home, and to teen Aleacia it couldn’t have been better. Having outgrown her previous Magic Mobility chair it was time to step it up with a new, fresh challenge – one that could be scaled up she hit her important growth years.

Her mum, Leanne, was equally pleased.

“The Magic 360 is more compact, but it still retains those all-important off-roading capabilities,” explained Leanne. “It’s still pink, but what a pink!”

Can't wait to start exploring in the Magic 360

Can’t wait to start exploring in the Magic 360.

Aleacia is like any other schoolgirl, self-confessedly ‘hooning around the playground’ at school and wanting to keep up with friends when she’s out and about. The flexibility of the robust frame of the Magic 360, coupled with its discreet base size and tight little turns, makes this chair perfect for Aleacia’s stage in life.

The power leg lift, recline and tilt, coupled with the Magic 360 lift, will give Aleacia a chance to “be at eye level with her peers, and be able to access things more easily at home”, said Leanne. “The kids at school will look at what she’s got and say ‘wow, I want that too’.”

Leanne explained that the new lift will be especially important in crowded places, rather than being stuck down low “where all you see is people’s bums!”

Aleacia is savouring the independence that the new chair is going to give her, and delights in teasing her mum about what she’s going to get up to.

“Typical teenager,” smiled Leanne.

Aleacia takes to the streets in her Magic 360

Aleacia takes to the streets in her brand new Magic 360.

The Magic 360 is taking the world by storm and is now releasing into the European market. A game changer for many, the Magic 360 couples robust engineering with our signature engine grunt for off-road challenges. But the Magic 360 is flexible enough to be a perfect and compact workhorse indoors, offering tight turning circles and high manoeuvrability.

But by this stage, Aleacia isn’t listening. She’s too keen to get her Magic 360 out to have a hoon around the neighbourhood.



Check out Aleacia tackling the outdoors in her bright pink Magic 360.

Want to have a new lease on life, just like Aleacia? Get in touch today!


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