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A team effort for NDIS powerchair prescription success

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Michael Archer knows all about having a team that supports him. Michael has a spinal injury, and he considers himself the leader of a team that consists of health care professionals, therapists, wheelchair experts and family. And when Michael needed a new powerchair, he called on his team to assist.

Michael’s network of supporters contributed to his success in having his powerchair – a Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Compact – funded through the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Michael works in a tile shop and has a young daughter, so needed a powerchair that would keep him comfortable at work all day, but would also enable him to continue caring for his daughter, minimising the need for additional paid assistance.

Michael’s team of an OT from Spinal Life Australia, a consultant from Job Access and a representative from Complete Mobility helped him find the right powerchair to suit his lifestyle and aspirations.

His wheelchair expert from Complete Mobility, Lissa, recommended the Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Compact. Lissa made this recommendation, as the Compact version of the V6 is narrow enough to go through the doors of his house. This meant that no changes had to be made to Michael’s house, because they did not need to be widened. In addition, the lift and tilt functions on his chair mean he can serve customers easily, without needing assistance to access high shelves.

“The ability to access standard doorways in my electric powerchair has been a saving grace,” Michael said. “Even my therapist was quite surprised at the chair’s size and ability to do anything, and go anywhere.”

Armed with all of his research, Michael then went to his OT at Spinal Life Australia and asked her to help make his submission for funding a Frontier V6. Approval for his new chair came through quickly and without challenge.

Because Magic Mobility powerchairs are crash test compliant, Michael is now applying for a modified car through the NDIS with the help of his team.

Even without a modified car, Michael is able to go more places in his powerchair. Now he can go on walks around the neighbourhood while his daughter rides her bike.

“With my new powerchair, I can go anywhere with ease. I can play tiggy and spotlight with my daughter, which I couldn’t do with my previous wheelchair. I have complete confidence that my chair can handle all my needs,” Michael said.

Are you considering applying for a powerchair through the NDIS? Contact us to find out more about funding your powerchair through the NDIS and learn more about Magic Mobility’s range of ultimate indoor/outdoor powerchairs.

Frontier V6 Compact has 14″ tyres, 800W motors and a width of 655mm.

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