Award Winning Retractable Docking Pin

Magic Mobility were thrilled that our Retractable Docking Pin was awarded ‘Most Innovative New Product for 2016’ at the ATSA Independent Living Expo in May.  Clare Daff our Engineering Manager was at ATSA to graciously accept the award.

The retractable docking pin allows a wheelchair to be easily secured inside a car, allowing the wheelchair user to drive their car from their wheelchair. When the pin is not in use, it retracts safely inside the wheelchair frame. A pin that permanently hangs below the wheelchair can catch on curbs and obstacles preventing the user from enjoying the freedom a Magic Mobility wheelchair offers. The docking pin is operated from the joystick, is crash tested and can be fitted as standard to any Magic Mobility power wheelchair base and could potentially be fitted to other wheelchairs with modification.

See our award and the Docking Pin below:

Winner - Docking Pin (1) Winner - Docking Pin (3)


  • Gut

    So, do you custom make chairs? I have a few requirements…

    I need a chair that folds (preferably like a normal manual wheelchair) as we cruise a bit and that lets it into a normal cruise cabin.

    The ability to pull right up to a desk, so maybe swing away arm rests.

    I had one with Li-ion batteries, great because one chair had two fitted, I could turn them on and off independently so when one went flat switch to the other, and I could take a third.

    A USB port.

    • KathyB

      Hi Gut, Yes we fully customise all of our powerchairs, however one that folds like a normal manual chair will be big challenge because of the power mechanisms involved. However we have introduced the fold forward backrest to reduce the overall chair height to as little as 620mm for the Frontier V4 and V6 and 650mm for X8. This way it can fit into a standard SUV or wagon. For those who prefer a MPS backrest and still want a height reduction solution we now offer a removable MPS backrest option as well.