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“Ticking the boxes” with the Magic 360

The Magic 360 is Magic Mobility’s new ‘dream-come-true’ powerchair built for both the outdoors and indoors.

Magic 360 powerchair

Tim Mangan in his confidence building Magic 360.

The flexibility of the small base, the three types of interchangeable wheels and with our trademark robust design and great manoeuvrability, the Magic 360 quite literally “ticks all the boxes”.

Tim Mangan lives in Victoria, Australia, and although he moved into the area of Flinders a couple of years ago, he still hadn’t explored the areas as much as he would have liked to.

When the opportunity to trial the Magic 360 came up, he thought it could be ‘just what he needed’ to increase his confidence and independence, to get out and meet new people.


The Magic 360’s flexibility across all terrains is a distinct asset.

Flexibility – box ticked

Tim’s physio was closely involved in the decision making about whether the chair would be right for Tim.

After learning about Tim’s needs, his physio believed the Magic 360 would meet his requirements.

Tim explained that the process was “really straightforward. NDIS took over from there, ultimately approving the purchase.”

The flexibility of the use of the chair appeared to play in Tim’s favour.


The Magic 360 tilt and lift functions are a huge attribute to Tim’s quality of life.

Tilt and lift – box ticked

“I enjoy the tilt and lift attributes,” said Tim. “Being at eye contact with someone to chat is a game-changer for me.

I hated having to always look up at people when talking.

The tilt mode also makes the chair so much more comfortable, as I can easily wiggle into a better position.”



Tim’s confidence has grown from getting out and about in his Magic 360.

Confidence building – box ticked

Tim feels extremely confident that the Magic 360 meets his needs.

“I am getting outside of the house more than ever and enjoying meeting new neighbours I had not seen much of before,” said Tim.

“I am venturing further from my house, with confidence and enjoying discovering new spots to watch the surfers from.”


Would you like to try the ultimate in crossover powerchair – the Magic Mobility 360?

Drop us a line and we can book a trial for you today!

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