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Bullrider Beau’s bush bashing

Bullrider Beau bushbashing in his V6 All-Terrain on the family farm.

Beau Cosgrove is a bullrider, loves going to rodeos, barrel racing and chasing a mechanical bull. All he wants to do is shear sheep and bush bash in his beaten-up decade-old second-hand Magic Mobility Frontier V6 AT, which is probably older than he is.

For Beau’s mum Sam that meant working towards a brand-new Magic Mobility powerchair to keep him as active as possible for as long as possible.

And she called on help to do just that.

Beau is ten years old and has MPS4A, a rare degenerative condition, and one of 3,000 people in the world living with the disease. Thanks to being part of a life-saving drug trial Beau has outlived previous life expectancies and according to Sam “he’s a trail blazer in more ways than one”.

Beau’s old Frontier V6 AT is perfect for work on the farm.

But Beau couldn’t care less about his illness because all he wants to do is race his brothers and sister, hang out with his pony and chase sheep.

“He doesn’t care about what’s going on with the surgeries and the medicine,” said Sam pragmatically. “And we don’t make a big deal of it. We all just get on with it.”

Beau has always needed a powered wheelchair. The current Magic Mobility chair Beau has been using to bush bash for the last 5 years was purchased through the efforts and goodwill of fundraising friends.

“Friends found the Frontier V6 AT secondhand through a hospital. We drove over 10 hours to get to a fitting, picked it up in a horse float and drove back the very next day,” explained Sam.

“It was brilliant from the moment we got it.”

The addition of knobby tyres on the Frontier V6 AT gives him the grip to do the things he really wants to do – including attending Cowboy Camp and taking the rodeo world by storm.

“Beau’s a bit of a celebrity,” laughed Sam. “He’s huge on the rodeo circuit. He gets free tickets to massive events. He’s had a bull named after him. Everyone in our country community loves him. He uses his Frontier V6 AT just like a horse, tackling barrel races and chasing a mechanical cow – applying all of the tricks of the trade, he just happens to be doing it in a wheelchair.”

Bringing the town to a standstill in his Magic Mobility Frontier V6 AT.

Beau’s biggest dream is to ride a bull, and Sam’s working hard on making that happen.

“We’ll all head up to the event in Tamworth, NSW soon. He’ll be getting on a mini bull and he’ll buck out – with support of course.

But after five years of heavy use Sam knew Beau would require a new powerchair for school.

“The AT was always just too big for him. It never quite fit. Plus, it’s too large for the school room,” she said. “Beau uses it outdoors and he’s driven it so much it is starting to fall apart.”

Sam explained that Beau had used the chair to shift people, drag hay bales, herd sheep and generally assist in working around the farm.

“It has worked hard!” she said.

But getting the energy and planning together to get a new chair was proving just too much. The answer came in the shape of an Occupational Therapist who knew how to write the perfect NDIS plan for Beau. Sam explained that the secret to securing the upgrade to a new chair for Beau came in surrounding herself with a team who truly understood what Beau’s – and the family’s – needs were.

“If you want equipment through the NDIS, then get yourself an OT who really knows how to plan.”

Beau in his brand new C73, perfect for going to school.

The result was Beau secured a brand-new sleek Frontier V6 C73 that met all his developing needs. Even though Beau now has a new Frontier V6, the old one won’t be going to waste.

“The old V6 AT is the bush machine,” said Sam. “He still uses it for moving the sheep. He’s unstoppable.”

A week after he had a recent knee reconstruction, Beau was to be found racing out with his brothers and dad, them on quad bikes and utes and him on in his old Frontier V6 AT.

“We might need to speed lock him,” admitted Sam.

Want to rock the world like Beau is? Why not trial our Frontier V6 C73 or an AT and you too can see discover how it can open up a world of possibilities. Get in touch for a trial today!


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