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Celebrating independence

Peta is fiercely independent and won’t let her condition stop her from living her live the way she wants. She strives to reach her goals and is determined to not let her disability define her.

“The most important things to me in my life are my independence and freedom, just like anyone else,” Peta says. “Having a motorised wheelchair helps me to become independent in a myriad of ways. I can go anywhere I like in my wheelchair, and I can also drive into and drive my own car.”

Peta says she wouldn’t be so independent without her power wheelchair. It helps her to go places and do things, and makes her far less reliant on others.

Peta has had her Frontier V4 FWD customised to suit her needs

She doesn’t consider herself to be different from anyone else, and doesn’t want to be treated differently either.

“I’ve never been told that I’m disabled by my parents. It’s part of me, but it’s not who I am.”

She notices the benefits of her powerchair in social situations, particularly after having had a manual wheelchair previously.

“Whenever I have to go back to a manual wheelchair, I feel completely frustrated. I’m used to being independent, so once that’s taken away from me, I find it really impacts my way of life and my quality of life.”

“I can elevate and talk to someone at eye level, so they don’t have to kneel down to accommodate me,” Peta says. “I can accommodate them.”

Her powerchair has also been customised with a power tilt function, so Peta can have her hair washed at the hairdressers.

“When I was 13 I wanted to go to the hairdressers and get my hair done, but they couldn’t wash my hair because I couldn’t transfer into the chair at the sink. With the tilt function, I can lean backwards and have my hair washed like everyone else.”

Peta enjoys a challenge, particularly when it comes to doing the things she’s always wanted to, like studying and travelling.

“I haven’t quite found my boundaries yet, I’m still searching for them. I love to travel and drive.”

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