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Celebrating the most powerful 4×4 power wheelchair

All terrain and off road capabilities are a big part of ensuring wheelchair users can get where they want to go, and we’re proud to have put 25 years of experience into creating wheelchairs that enable independence and adventure.

While Magic Mobility began as a manual wheelchair manufacturer 25 years ago, Founder Ash Daff saw a gap in the wheelchair market for powered wheelchairs that had outdoor capacity beyond the pavement.

And so, Ash set to work developing a power wheelchair that was highly mobile and able to tackle rough terrain, various surfaces and obstacles like curbs.

The first iteration of this powerchair was the Extreme 4×4, first released to market in 1996. It was a pioneer in outdoor mobility, far outstripping any previous outdoor wheelchair and proving that wheelchair users shouldn’t be limited by assistive technology.

The Extreme 4×4 was the first foray into off road wheelchair driving, and some of the key elements from that first design have stayed with the range to this day. This includes the individual motors on each drive wheel, which ensures maximum power and traction no matter what terrain you’re tackling.

Since then, we’ve been continually improving the Extreme range, releasing the Extreme X8 in 2006 with minor upgrades and improvements through the years.

From the beginning, our philosophy has centred around creating products that meet our clients’ needs and aspirations from simple manual models to engineering specific accessories tailored to the individual. We’re committed to listening to our customers, and improving our products based on their feedback and requirements. Some of the custom innovations we’ve created for clients have become part of our standard offering.

Watch Magic Mobility Design Engineer, Lachie explain why the Extreme X8 enables wheelchair users to push their boundaries outdoors.


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