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Changing the way we do business

As an essential service Magic Mobility and its Australian agents remain operational with many of us changing the way we connect with you. We know that the new rules of social interaction mean that we need to make sure you are safe throughout the process of getting your new powerchair or the repairs that you need. So, we’ve altered the way we’re working.

As a trusted and transparent service working to deliver your essential products, we know that many of our customers have experienced long delays in getting their new Magic Mobility powerchair. With the changes to social interactions we need to implement alternative ways to reach and connect with you so that your chair build stays on track or you get the quote you need for your NDIS plans.

For our customers here in Melbourne you’ll have the option to connect with us from the comfort of your home, checking in through online video meetings to discuss your enquiry.

We’re also looking into ways we can remotely demonstrate our powerchairs to you, and you can discuss your needs directly with us. Stringent health and hygiene practices have also been introduced at our head office here in Melbourne, which for some, may mean that you feel comfortable to come in for your fittings, modifications and repairs in a highly controlled environment.

Most importantly we’re ensuring you get your quote quickly and efficiently using the option of video conferencing so that you can involve your therapist or carer/family member in this important process – making sure you can get seamlessly into the National Disability Insurance Scheme queue and meet those obligations.

What kinds of concerns do you have about working around the issues of social isolation and getting what you need from your service suppliers?

Contact us now, and we’ll see if we can help and adapt further.


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