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Changing it up!

Don’t let your wheels hold you back. Crossover tyres are now available on our Magic Mobility Frontier V6 electric wheelchairs, and our Magic Mobility Frontier V4 models globally (except in USA).

The wheels are very easy to swap out using our handy jack accessory. A Crossover tyre is the perfect solution between an urban and an off-road tyre – as you don’t have to swap out our tyres as often. It’s smoother than an off-road tyre, and with a shorter tread, it means your wheels are much better suited for the indoors. There is less wear when using your chair in an urban setting, especially when you’re hitting the pavement.

Give yourself the ultimate freedom – check out these simple steps for changing out a wheel.

Step 1:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Make sure you’ve jacked up your powered wheelchair before starting. Loosen the central nut and remove it

Step 2:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Remove the wheel

Step 3:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Remove the drive wheel key from the centre of the wheel

Step 4:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Replace the drive wheel key back into the groove on top of the axle

Step 5:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Place your wheel of choice onto the axle

Step 6:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Tighten the bolt by hand first, to secure it in place

Step 7:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Then tighten the bolt with a ratchet

Step 8:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Let down the chair by releasing the jack

Step 9:

Double-check all of the bolts are tight, then you’re good to go!

Watch our short video below, where we demonstrate this process on a Frontier V6 – it’s as simple as 1,2,3!

Want more information about how simple it is to maintain and operate a Magic Mobility powered wheelchair?

Get in touch! We can tell you all about them.

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