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Creating art with Magic Mobility

Before LA based, Extreme X8 user Tommy became a quadriplegic, he had a very active lifestyle, adventuring outdoors, and aspirations to one day become an artist.

When Tommy received his Magic Mobility powerchair, he was able to get back outdoors and be active with friends. He has also been able to incorporate his wheelchair into his artistic career.

Following his mountain bike accident, Tommy was encouraged to paint using a mouth stick, but he found it too restraining. He was given new hope and inspiration when he received his first service dog, a yellow Labrador named Weaver.

“Having access to do something or go somewhere you haven’t been in 32 years is unexplainable.”

Tommy Hollenstein and his service dog Pearl with his artwork at the LA Art Show, January 2018

Since then, Tommy has had assistants help to apply non-toxic paint to his service dog’s paws and the wheels of his wheelchair. Together, they make impressions on canvasses, sometimes applying up to 50 coats of paint before Tommy feels satisfied with the artwork.

In addition to achieving his dream of becoming an artist, Tommy has also been able to get back outdoors in his Extreme X8. His outdoor hobbies include water skiing, boating, spending time at the beach, extreme mountain biking and hiking.

“My first day and first adventure in my Extreme X8 will always be my most memorable,” Tommy said. “As soon as I received my chair friends invited me to go on a trail ride, just like we did before I had my accident.”

Artist Tommy Hollenstein in his Extreme X8Tommy utilises the off-road capability of his powerchair to go on adventures with friends, being able to tackle rough trails and obstacles. His favourite features are the large tyres and the clearance of the powerchair.

He has made some slight moderations to his powerchair, including a dog leash holder for his service dog and a trailer hitch for a small wagon. Tommy uses a ramp to load his powerchair into his mini van.

Tommy has shown and sold artworks in galleries around the world.

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