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Dock and drive to end tricky transfers

Driving a car from the comfort of your powerchair or docking into a car as a passenger is one of the ultimate freedoms any wheelchair user can experience.

Using a docking system is a simple and effective tool for negotiating into a car, locking yourself into position and then simply using your own powerchair as the seat for your journey. No more tricky transfers!

Peta driving with a docking pin

Docking allows you to drive directly from your chair for greater freedom.

The Dahl system is one of the most widely used in Europe, with it’s popularity growing here in Australia and in NZ. We can now fit the Dahl docking plate to your Magic 360 powerchair, which broadens the possibilities for docking your chair into your vehicle. We always knew the Magic 360 was giving our customers the best life experience possible, but this latest product is a game changer!

The Dahl system is similar to the Q’Straint or EZ Lock systems, however the Dahl system has a much lower profile than the other systems, and it also prevents any rotation of the powerchair, (whereas Q’Straint and EZ Lock require additional stabilisers).

Dahl docking pin on Magic 360

Dahl docking plate on the Magic 360.

The full Dahl system has a dock that mounts into the vehicle, along with other accessories, which are not supplied by Magic Mobility. You can learn more about the Dahl docking system here.

Your safety is always our main priority, so we’ve successfully crash tested the Magic 360 powerchair with the Dahl docking plate fitted to give you peace of mind.

Passionate Frontier V6 user Timothy Steinbrink in the US swears by his docking system, stating that it allows him “to be able to drive in the Frontier”

“I can take the chair anywhere, and the chair can take ME anywhere”.

Discover how dock and drive can change your life! Contact us if you want some more information about the Magic 360, or the Dahl docking plate.

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