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Elevate your life

Magic Mobility's lift and tilt feature in action

Michael Archer says that lift and tilt is the most important feature on his Frontier V6.

The one thing we hear almost every time we talk to some of our more active powerchair users is how much they depend on their lift and/or tilt function, and how it has helped to really improve or extend their independence.

Often regarded as non-essential by public funders and insurers, Magic Mobility has always argued that lift and/or tilt should be considered to be just as important on a powerchair as your seating, wheels and suspension. And this is not just our opinion, it is based on years of feedback from our users.

Powerchair users who live by themselves often tell us of the essential role that having lift and/or tilt plays in their daily lives, especially when completing simple, everyday tasks like cooking, washing clothes and reaching a higher shelf in the kitchen.

For Michael Archer, a Frontier V6 user from Australia, he nominates his Magic Mobility Frontier V6’s lift and tilt capabilities as the most important feature, particularly for ensuring his comfort over a long day spent in his powerchair.

“The lift and tilt function on my chair has been an absolute god-send for me.”

“The chair can bring me to a near standing position and I can reach the top shelf of a cupboard with great ease,” Michael tells us.

Lift and tilt functions play an essential role in users’ daily lives.

Lift and tilt functions play an essential role in users’ daily lives.

Likewise, Australian travel agent and passionate podcaster Peta Hooke lives on her own and works from home. She tells us that like many others, she could not live independently without her Magic Mobility powerchair.

Peta says “I am 100% reliant on my Magic wheelchair to function, look after myself and my home. Not only does it allow me to move freely throughout my home, but the elevation function is also very important.”

For anyone who may not yet have the lift and/or tilt features on their Magic chair, we would urge you to think about how important they might be to enhancing your quality of life and everyday independence.

If funding is an issue, talk to one of our agents or your OT about making the case for improved posture support, better comfort and greater independence. Our most active and independent users tell us all the time that it’s totally worth it!

Learn more about our available chair upgrades and accessories here.


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