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Embracing the freedom you know you have

Andy has always loved going off the beaten track, but found himself limited to sidewalks and the indoors for more than 20 years after he became a quadriplegic. He had given up on ever independently going off-road and exploring, until he got his four-wheel drive Magic Mobility chair.

The Extreme X8 is ideal four-wheel drive for adventurers who want to traverse any terrain.

Andy got his Extreme 4×4 in 2010, and cannot describe the feeling of being able to go out on the beach for the first time in more than 20 years.

“Being able to run over the soft sand without being stuck within the first foot was awesome,” Andy says. “I got to ‘walk’ along the beach hand in hand with my wife and my dog, it was priceless!”

Andy needed a powerchair that he could depend on to get him off-road and where he wanted to go.

“Now I can go out in all kinds of weather, to places I would never have got to without my Magic Mobility powerchair.”

He loves to test the Extreme 4×4’s off-road capabilities on different terrains.

“It allows me to go off the beaten path and on adventures with my family and service dog without worrying about barriers.”

Andy takes his Extreme 4×4 onto the beach, into the woods, through fields, snow and mud without having to worry about getting stuck. He describes it as being unstoppable.

The all terrain capacity is the most important feature of Andy’s Extreme 4×4. In addition to helping him regain his freedom, the powerchair enables him to feel included in family activities.

“I was able to get out on the beach at my sister’s wedding!” Andy says. “They had arranged a balcony for me to watch the ceremony from, but my Magic Mobility powerchair got me up close and personal.

“That’s a cherished memory and feeling of inclusiveness that I’ll never forget.”

With four low-pressure knobby tyres, the Extreme X8 has incomparable traction for off-road adventures. It features four 700 watt high-torque gear in line motors, which propel each tyre across sand, snow, and through mud with ease.

Andy loves his Extreme 4×4 so much that he invested in another Magic Mobility powerchair as an everyday mobility solution. He says there’s nothing stopping him now he’s got his indoor/outdoor and off-road powerchairs.

“Everyone faces barriers in life – it’s your attitude that defines who you are.”

The Extreme X8 is the newer model of the Extreme 4×4, with even better off-road performance. Test one to see the Magic difference.

Are you interested in getting testing the outdoor capabilities of the Extreme X8? Contact us today to find a dealer in your area.

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