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Enjoying family life together

Enjoying family life togetherWhether you’re a child, parent, or grandparent – participating in an active family life can really help to improve your wellbeing. Our users often share stories with us about how their Magic Mobility powerchair has helped to enable family life.

Josh is a US veteran whose Magic Mobility Frontier V6 AT, enables him to spend quality time with his family, allowing him to “get out and enjoy the outdoors with my wife and two sons”. Josh recalls a special moment of how he felt using his new V6 AT:

“I was on family vacation and was able to go down on the beach for the first time with my son. It gives me a sense of independence and freedom”.


Sue Smith's Magic Mobility Extreme X8 enables her to play an active role in her grandchildren's lives despite her muscular dystrophy.

Joining in with her grandchildren’s activities makes all the difference to Sue.

Grandmother of seven, Sue, told us how her Extreme X8 enables her to play an active role as their carer, despite her Muscular Dystrophy. Whether it’s taking them camping by the beach, to the local playground, or out to enjoy the regional attractions, Sue explains how being an active participant makes all the difference.

“We went to see the alpacas at Canungra. It was so good that I could participate with the kids instead of just watching.”

“Fantastic, enabling and independence” were the three words Sue used to sum up the experience.

Brodie Kelly relies on his Magic Mobility Extreme X8 to keep up with his family while they’re working out on their 17-acre property

Brodie’s Extreme X8 allows him to keep up with family life.

Brodie, from Victoria, relies on his Extreme X8 to keep up with his family while they’re working on their property, or when visiting their local beach.

His mum Deanne told us what that meant to their whole family:

“It has changed our life. It means we can do things like other typical families do without it being frustrating or just put in the ‘too hard’ box.”

“Having Brodie mobile and doing things for himself is instrumental to our family’s normality,” she says.

We love hearing about the difference that our powerchairs are making to the lives of families all around the world. If you’d like to share your own special experience, please share your story with us at tellus@magicmobility.com.au.

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