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Experiencing the outdoors without boundaries

Keith is a teenager from Oklahoma who loves hunting and getting outdoors, but was limited by his previous wheelchair. Constantly getting stuck on dirt, tree roots and in mud was endlessly frustrating for him and his dad.

Since Keith got an Extreme X8, he’s been able to get outdoors and enjoy himself with more independence and less boundaries. He says his Extreme X8 adventures have been some of the best memories of his life.

Keith and his family like to vacation in the mountains of Colorado, and have been limited to hiking on paved trails.

He had dreamed of the scenery beyond the accessible trails, but never thought he’d be able to see it himself.

Now in his Extreme X8, Keith is embracing his off-road capabilities. He’s able to get out over rocky terrain, branches and tree roots to see rivers, streams and waterfalls.

His family went to the Rocky Mountain National Park, and they hiked to Calypso Cascades.

“Without issue, Keith got to the top of a rock table and was able to see something we thought he would never be able to see with his own eyes,” said Erin, Keith’s mom. “We knew that without his Extreme X8, it would have been impossible for him to have that experience.”

Keith also goes hunting with his dad, James. His Extreme X8 enables him to tackle of off-road obstacles, and to manage his own gear while pushing boundaries. The new level of independence makes it a much more enjoyable experience.

Because Keith is a growing teenager, he needed a power wheelchair that would grow with him and keep him comfortable. He has complex seating requirements, and the family worked with Magic Mobility distributor Innovation In Motion to ensure the seating would be adjustable to Keith’s changing size and needs.

After receiving his Extreme X8, Keith had a growth spurt and needed more space for his growing legs. With Innovation In Motion’s assistance, a 2” riser was added to the chair. This gave Keith more legroom without lowering the footrest.

Are you interested in getting off-road in an Extreme X8 powerchair? Contact our USA distributor, Innovation In Motion to trial a Magic Mobility powerchair near you.

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